Ellie Nardino

Ellen Dana “Ellie” Nardino (born 415 IE), aka “Ells,” was a resistance fighter during the Laral Occupation of Amargosa. She was the daughter of Lansdorp's wing commander, who was killed when his transport exploded before Ellie’s eyes. Her mother worked off-world for the Etruscan government at the time of the invasion.

Her best friend was Connor Duffy. She, Duffy, Eric Yuwono, Davra Andraste, and Suvi Atall barely survived the fusion blast that destroyed Lansdorp by fleeing underground. The others in her group noticed she had become timid and afraid after seeing the death of her father. However, after being brought aboard a hover tram rescuing those fleeing Lansdorp’s destruction, she went into battle under Eric Yuwono. There, her demeanor became violent, almost savage, to the point where her best friend Duffy became worried.

Ellie joined the others in boarding the maglev when they discovered a train abandoned as the hover tram passed it. Along with Duffy, she took a later shift and was at the controls when an obstruction stopped the train. While Davra and Yuwono investigated, she remained behind. The amount of time it took for the pair to return made Ellie paranoid. When a Gelt battle wagon appeared on the track, she and Duffy grabbed weapons. They nearly shot Davra and Yuwono upon their return.

Once the maglev got underway again, it reached the tunnel beneath Edoras around daybreak. Plunged into sudden darkness inside a metal tube, she had a panic attack that resembled an seizure. Duffy explained that she had severe claustrophobia. Unlike walking through the tunnel, where they had plenty of space and could move in either direction, she was trapped inside the train with nowhere to go. The maglev, however, emerged into a transit station beneath Edoras. Ellie’s attack ceased immediately, leaving her embarrassed. When she jumped off the train, she went into an empty cafeteria and had a nervous breakdown, which Davra helped her through. The two soon found themselves hiding from gunmen threatening Yuwono and Duffy. Ellie discovered the grenades Yuwono stashed on the maglev were manufactured on Amargosa as they had the old-style pins instead of electronic timers with remote options. Davra was able to distract the gunmen by hurling grenades at them. Colonial Guard emerged from the elevator, but Yuwono was shot in the process. As they left the battle area, she still showed signs of shock and grief. Duffy noted she had found her rage. Escorted by the resistance up to Edoras, Nardino and the others met the head of the resistance, Diana Jovann.

Jovann assigned Nardino, Duffy, and Andraste to run the maglev, having already driven it, During the run, the train stopped when it detected dead animals on the track.. Insurgents attacked as troops attempted to clear the obstructions. Nardino, Duffy, and Andraste slipped off and distracted the insurgents with fire extinguishers. The insurgents surrendered, but the maglev fell under attack again, this time by Gelt. The insurgents defected and formed the forward line against the aliens. Duffy went with Andraste and Nardino atop the train to hurl grenades at the aliens, taking out a battle wagon. The second battle wagon was taken out by a third when JT Austin threw a grenade at its heat dish. Suicide drove the hijacked battle wagon. Unfortunately, Lieutenant Straker was killed in the battle.

The team, now under the command of Lt. Patel, traveled to the Harlan-Ragnar Station to link up with the contingent from Walden. There, Quan punched JT and threatened to Section 11 him until Suicide intervened. Ellie joined Andraste and Duffy in also blocking Quan by saying they had to be arrested as well.

Ellie attended Lizzy Parker‘s funeral, then accompanied Suicide and the others on the maglev east, intending to reach resistance near the ruins of Arcanum. When the maglev stopped due to a destroyed bridge, they marched down into a ravine and found an abandoned village. The villagers, however had not abandoned the area but hid in the woods. They also killed the Gelt invaders sent to clean up, hanging them from a large tree.

In the village, she worked with Duffy to see if Gelt batteries would recharge from human vehicles. She also helped him wire up a heat ray dish to a runabout before Duffy left to find flat cars to attach to the maglev. She expressed a certain degree of sympathy and affection toward JT, but Duffy sounded skeptical. Rumor, probably sown by Kray or his militia, suggested the invasion had been sanctioned by JT’s mother, Tessa Dasarius.

Ellie worked with JT on testing a heat dish weapon rigged to a runabout. When the group was ready to move out, she remained on the maglev until the attack on the Founders' Mine was underway. She then joined Duffy as he entered the mine. He had rigged weapon to fire grenades while she carried a railgun. They were able to rescue Davra and Suicide. Ellie then interrupted Rey Yuwono as he tried to take Davra prisoner by braining him with a railgun charge.

Three months later, Suicide tapped Duffy and Ellie Nardino to join a team that would make direct contact with the fallen Ban Ki-moon. She assigned them to rig the maglev tunnel to blow if they were followed and to give any resistance in Edoras the option if they took over the transit center. Ellie related to Davra Andraste how one of the former Polygamy War rebels tried to make her his bride.

While there, she and Duffy worked with Davra experimenting fiber netting to use as camouflage.

When the team left the Transit Center, Ellie used a sedative to control her claustrophobia as they marched through the tunnel. On a subsequent scouting mission, she and her party encountered the strange lycanths. One tackled JT, but Ellie got it off only to be dragged off by the pack. The team assumed she had been killed.

The lycanths turned out to be sapient. Togther with a Gelt named Sored, the lycanths persuaded her to invite disaffected Gelt and stray human settlers to join their “pack”. Eventually, the Gelt in this new resistance dubbed her “Chapaan,” their pack soon called the Northern Resistance She operated mainly in the planet’s northern polar region until the cell struck Deming, driving out the Gelt occupation force there, seizing the mechs they had built for use against humans, and burning the city to the ground.

The name Chapaan originated from the Gelt Vyustrin faith and its name for its motherhood goddess. In myth, Chapaan was said to devour those who threatened her children. If she was particularly angry, she would swallow her victim whole, burning them alive in her belly for eternity.

Chapaan’s attack on Deming was a serious blow to the occupation. Laral Farad arrived to find most of the city torched, the heads of Warriors who did not surrender on pikes. The resistance captured a Warrior who refused to defect and cut off his hands, leaving him in a death collar to warn Laral Farad that Chapaan wanted to kill him. By now, she had picked up several Marine platoons, Gelt Warrior cadres, settlers of both species, and a large number of sapient lycanths. They also coopted all the mechs and reprogrammed them to follow Chapaan’s orders.

On their march south, they picked up the Marine contingent at Arcanum under Major Hu Dingbang. The Gelt garrison at Arcanum also joined, defecting when the rule of Laral Farad became unbearable. This expanded resistance marched south on Riverside. However, they had to stop just north of the city when a fusion blast went off. Chapaan, remembering her experience at Lansdorp, kept her forces from injury from the blast and was able to salvage half her mechs by putting them into safe mode as the EMP hit.

As the bomb’s effects dissipated, scouting parties discovered Kray’s encampment. While she had the mechs reactivated, she sent a scouting party to see if anyone survived the crash of the assault shuttle. She followed and discovered that JT Austin had piloted the downed Falcon. Once he and his surviving crew were extracted, she got him into treatment and brought him up to speed on the situation on Amargosa. JT, in turn, explained how “Trixie,” their Gelt prisoner the previous year, was actually a woman named Lattus Tishla, First Citizen of Hanar, the former Gilead. He explained how Tishla had used her late husband’s claim on Gilead to rebuild the colony as a joint world. They found that Mitsuko Yamato had injured her hip and Connor Duffy suffered a concussion. Four of Mitsuko’s combat unit died in the crash.

Ellie sent mechs to march on Kray’s position. She also sent JT with Mitsuko and Duffy to raid Kray’s rear with Gelt stun grenades. The organic wave of her attack mixed human and Gelt as she wanted Kray to see what the “new normal” would look like.

In her Chapaan guise, she emerged from the unit of mechs as Brendie Kray verbally assaulted her ex-husband. She stepped forward and took over the confrontation, telling him that she was a fourteen-year-old girl when his troops drove them to fight both human and Gelt. So she built her own resistance composed of humans, Gelt, mechs, and sapient lycanths. Kray tightened his grip on Davra. As Chapaan, she shouted to the rest of Kray’s troops that anyone who surrendered would be considered a war refugee, not a war criminal.

Kray attempted to kill Tishla with a hidden weapon after being subdued by the captive Davra. JT Austin took the bullets and suffered broken ribs. When Kray was disarmed, Ellie, as Chapaan, sentenced Kray to death under the Compact military’s rules. However, as her resistance force also consisted of surrendering and defecting Gelt, she additionally charged him with similar crimes recognized by the the Realm, in addition to collaborating with an unknown human agency to precipitate the occupation. Finally, because the sapient lycanths, a sizable fraction of the resistance, were the first inhabitants of the planet and found him guilty of crimes against their pack, they would carry out the execution under “pack law.” Kray was devoured by sapient lycanths in a matter of minutes.

The morning following the end of hostilities on Amargosa, a guilt-ridden Ellie attempted to turn herself in for war crimes. She explained that she had sentenced a resistance fighter to the same fate as Kray after he turned on “the pack,” meaning the Northern Resistance as a whole, and also had a platoon of Gelt Warriors killed when seizing a convoy of prisoners. Admirals Burke and Austin refused to charge her, citing the “Expedience of War” doctrine. They called her a hero, which did not make her feel any better.

She underwent extended debriefing by Cybercommand with a final round with Governor BestAthena Jovann (now governor-general to represent Metis), and Lattus Tishla. Jovann expressed anger that Kray sacrificed thousands of lives – including her sister's – to grab power. Best made the offer for her to join the Thulian Project. Ellie declined, intending to go live among the sapient lycanths, whom she called “her people.” Nonetheless, she received the Compact Medal of Honor and the Order of Hanar.

In 432, after the failed assassination of Provisional Governor Best, Ellie took Best’s older daughter Carolyn to Chapaan Village to hide. This she did at the behest of Jayne Best, who disappeared shortly thereafter. Ellie returned to the Thulian Enclave to aid in recovery after the attack. There, she rescued Suicide when the original Goldeneye crashed.


Appearances: The Children of Amargosa, Second Wave, Storming AmargosaSuicide Run