Zarans were a primate species noted for heavy fur, loose customs with clothing, and living in trees while having a space-faring society. Some Sapiens and Orags referred to their homeworld as “Planet of the Apes.” Zarans insisted their name for themselves be considered a native word as opposed to being adopted into Humanic and other human languages.

Zarans disdained the seats preferred by other primate species and frequently sat in harnesses. They also slept upside down. When amused, they hooted like Earth chimpanzees. Also similar to chimpanzees, a frequent Zaran insult involved throwing dung, though usually they said it rather than actually throwing fecal matter.

Kyus, a freighter crewmember who ended up in a drunk tank in Armaneya City, helped Nolan Rosc obtain passage on a Zaran ship that ultimately exploded.

The Zarans were permitted to trade with occupied Amargosa both with Riverside and Gelt-controlled regions. Marcus Leitman and Jez Salamacis used one of their freight crews to smuggler in a fusion warhead to Lucius Kray.

Despite neutrality during the occupation, they gifted several spacecraft to the provisional government of Amargosa to aid in the rebuilding effort. A native ZaranBoolay, took a job as a contract engineer to maintain these craft.

Zarans did not suffer wormhole sickness the way human species did. However, the sight of one could render a Zaran momentarily catatonic.


Appearances: Second Wave, The Exile, Storming Amargosa, Suicide RunCheckmate