Class: Mammalian

Order: Primate

Planet of origin: Zaara

Current homeworld:  Zaara

Range: Zaara, parts of Laputan Guardianship, Hanar


Zarans were a primate sapient species named for their homeworld Zaara. They so closely resembled Earth chimpanzees so closely sapiens referred to Zaara as “Planet of the Apes,” an obscure cultural reference to a mythos involving humans subjected to rule by chimpanzees.

Zarans insisted their native name for themselves, even when rendered grammatically correct in another language, was not a Humanic (or other alien language) word. Hence, the name is italicized.

Zarans live in trees. In their culture, fire is a weapon of mass destruction and their biggest fear. Because of their arboral existence, they do not do chairs well. Despite having a skeletal frame similar to Orags, they preferred sitting in harnesses they could flip in and out of.

Noted for their sarcasm and dry humor, Zarans also tend to hoot when they laugh, another resemblance to chimpanzees. During the Gelt Incursion, the Zarans remained neutral.



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