The Compact Universe

The Amargosa Arc

The original trilogy. Five teenagers suddenly have to grow up when the Gelt seize Amargosa. First, they learn to become warriors. Then they disobey orders to reach a fallen starship. (Book 3, Storming Amargosa, due out September, 2019


The Seeds of War

The stories leading up to The Children of Amargosa…

In the beginning, an alien with a potato tricks a young governor into attacking an alien race: Humans.
A minister for humanity’s oldest interstellar outpost suddenly needs help from a cult to Marilyn Monroe.
A spoiled rich kid ends up stranded on a distant farming colony. And in the crosshairs of an alien invasion.

The Seeds of War Omnibus

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The Homefront Arc

Between The Children of Amargosa and Second Wave

An admiral fails to retake Amargosa but discovers the real enemy is in Earth’s backyard.
The captain and engineer responsible for resurrecting humanity’s warp drive efforts find themselves on a mission of mass destruction.
A former Gelt servant is tasked with uniting human and Gelt on a world abandoned by the Compact and the Realm.

An omnibus edition in paperback and Kindle due out January, 2019