The Compact Universe

The Suicide Arc

Amargosa has been liberated. The Children of Amargosa have moved into their adult lives. But a baby left on Suicide’s doorstep will draw them together into a battle against those seeking to control human immortality.

The Amargosa Arc

The original trilogy. Five teenagers suddenly have to grow up when the Gelt seize Amargosa. First, they learn to become warriors. Then they disobey orders to reach a fallen starship.


Beyond Amargosa

When an unknown alien species seizes three colonies, humanity fights back. But they have an enemy closer to home. And an unexpected ally looking to right a wrong.


No Marigolds in the Promised Land

Compact Universe 0. You can either start with this one or read it after the Amargosa Trilogy.

The world ends while John Farno is asleep. Now he’s practicing the ultimate in social distancing. 40 light-years from the nearest human being, he has no way off Farigha, a Mars-like terraforming project, and no way to communicate with civilization. When he finds himself alone, he has only the contents of his rover to sustain him. That’s not going to be enough.

Short Stories

There’s only one now, but watch for more!