Polygamy Wars

The Polygamy Wars were a civil conflict in the Compact occurring some time before 429 IE. Most older Compact military veterans and personnel served in the conflict at the time of the Gelt Incursion. The conflict centered on the Deseret colony of Goshen, where radical polygamist attempted to force their way of life first on locals, then Citizens of Deseret, then other worlds of the Compact.

The overall conflict ended in 419 when Deseret planetary forces dropped a tactical nuclear device on a Goshenite stronghold. The final battle took place between Compact forces and the last Goshenite insurgents in New Kirtland on Goshen. Cui YunJohn ParkerQuan Jian, and Lucius Kray accepted the final surrender in a cul-de-sac. Among those taken into custody were Tyler WatRiley, and Boone.