Riverside was a city on the eastern coast of Amargosa‘s inhabited continent. Lucius Kray received weapons and supplies for his citizens’ militia from there. Situated on a narrow peninsula and surrounded to the north by mountains, Riverside’s compact location forced locals to build taller buildings to alleviate crowding. Because of this, a city of thirty thousand appeared to be much larger.

In 429 IE, Rajeesh Chakresh served as Riverside’s city executive. He shared Lucius Kray‘s suspicions about a pending invasion. Chakresh informed Kray that he had warrens in the surrounding mountains drilled to store food long-term. Kray suggested building emplacements on the peaks to protect the city from bombardment.

After the Gelt Incursion, Riverside went silent. The main resistance learned that the city remained intact. Lucius Kray hid there after he was driven from the Founders' Mine. Colonel Diana Jovann expressed a desire to establish communicaitons with the city.

By mid-430 IE, Kray was master of the city and summoned Jovann to meet with him there. He demanded she bring Davra Andraste and Rey Yuwono, as well as handover the prisoner Laral Peteesh. He also summoned Laral Farad to discuss a truce and offer him Peteesh as a gift. However, knowing Farad would rape Peteesh, he planted suicide toxin inside her to kill them both when it happened.

Riverside was destroyed by a fusion blast that detonated just as the Liberation of Amargosa began.


Appearances: Gimme Shelter, The Children of Amargosa, Second WaveStorming Amargosa