Section 11 Execution

A Section 11 execution is the only form of capital punishment permitted in the Compact. Ironically, it derives its name from the section of the Compact (document) that prohibits the death penalty. The exceptions are cases of treason or military abuse, such as random executions of civilians in occupied territory or shooting an enemy that has surrendered.

Executions are summary and must be witnessed. The sentences may be subject to a later board of inquiry who may, in turn, execute the officer performing the original execution. Such sentences must begin with the officer asking at least one witness if they are satisfied the action warranting it meets the criteria. The officer then recites, “You have been found guilty of [treason or military abuse]. Under the Compact, Article I, Section 11 and the charters of all four services, I sentence you to death, to be carried out immediately.”

Appearances: The Children of Amargosa