Metisian Republic

Founded: 432 IE

Homeworld: Metis

Primary Species: Sapiens, Gelt, Lycanth

Government: Federal Republic

Head of State: Chancelloress


The Metisian Republic was a polity that split from the Compact over the latter’s inaction regarding the status of Hanar, formerly Gilead. Metis wanted to recognize its former colony as a newly independent world. Mars, which saw such a move as a threat to its nominal hold over Amargosa, blocked such a move. However, as the Compact would soon pass a revision creating an office of president, Metis could legally secede simply by not signing the new Compact (document). To forestall this, the Compact Security Council voted to give Amargosa and Farigha, both occupied by The Realm forces, to Metis. Security Council Delegate Rhea Jovann stated Metis would accept nothing less than recognition of Hanar as an independent world.

In 432, Amargosa Governor Douglas Best, Governor-General Athena Jovann (representing Metis), and Director Farno of Farigha saw evidence from the Gelt that Acting President Leitman‘s chief of staff murdered the Sovereign in 430. With the assent of Amargosa and Farigha, Metis formally sent notice to Earth that it would no longer be a member of the Compact. Additionally, Bonaparte withdrew its delegates but did not formally secede.

Metis had built up a small navy by the time of its secession, taking with it the two massive capital ships Minerva, Bova, and Prometheus. The newly formed republic immediately built shipyards over Amargosa and Farigha.

Though rejecting Compact membership, Republic remained friendly with the Compact. It also worked to end official hostilities with the Realm. As with Hanar, now considered independent by the Republic, the Metisian Republic acted as a neutral third party despite supplying personnel with dual citizenship and civilian contractors. Some of this stemmed from a mutual threat by Juno.

Upon the founding of the new republic, Amargosa and Farigha had been elevated to core world status within the Republic, though Metis’s other colonies retained their subordinate status.



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