Bonaparte was a monarchist core world in the Compact. It was ruled by seven royal families from Earth, including Japan’s Yamato family and Britain’s Windsors. The throne rotated between the seven houses but maintained a strong elected parliament. Ironically, the Bonaparte family declined to take part in the rotation and had little to do with the planet. As of 430 IEKing Yanuhito sat on the throne.

Barely qualifying as Class E, Bonaparte had two large satellites, both described as “planet-sized.”

Bonaparte was a terraforming project. Almost all native life lay in the ocean while the land was sterile. Mitsuko Yamato described it as similar to Earth when life first emerged onto land.

The cities were clustered in the northernmost and southernmost latitudes while the capital, Nouveau Versailles, was said to be a sauna year-round. Gelava fruit was a popular food sourced from Bonaparte. A common creature on Bonaparte was a flying mammal that tend to be quite noisy at sunrise.

Notable figures from Bonaparte include John Farno, sole survivor of the destruction of Farigha, and Mitsuko Yamato, a Special Forces officer who fought in the liberation of Amargosa.

Appearances:   No Marigolds in the Promised Land