Cui Yun, call sign Suicide, was a retired Navy and Dasarius Interstellar pilot who lived on Amargosa north of the TownshipsLucius Kray believed she knew the location of two projection-drive ships hidden on Nebraska Island by Governor Croix.

Suicide did not take kindly to the presence of Kray’s lieutenant Saja or Farset. She shot both Saja and her partner escorting Farset, JT Austin, and Lizzy Parker, then warned Farset not to lie about why he had the couple with him. She bundled Farset and the couple into their runabout and intended to head for the Misty Mountains to link up with resistance. However, a Gelt battle wagon cut them off. During the battle with the crew, Farset and Lizzy were killed. JT killed the finally alien, but, in hysterics, refused to leave the field until he had gathered up Lizzy’s ashes. She showed him two bullet lockets, which contained the ashes of her husband and her wife, both killed in different conflicts. She promised to help JT make one for Lizzy.

They turned the aliens’ battle wagon upright and commandeered it.. Soon, they happened on the maglev under attack by more Gelt. JT took out one battle wagon with a grenade after a rut caused him to lose the scavenged railgun he’d been using. The other fell to grenades thrown by Davra AndrasteConnor Duffy, and Ellie Nardino.

Aboard the maglev, Suicide met Lt. Pavarti, who had taken command after Lt. Straker died in the battle. She asked to meet with Col. Jovann. Pavarti agreed once his team finished their mission. They concluded the troops they had been facing were untrained conscripts and estimated they had three to four days before the Gelt’s elite troops arrived to secure the planet. She also met Davra Andraste for the first time.

The maglev traveled to the Harlan-Ragnar Station to meet with the Walden contingent. There, Lt. Quan threatened to Section 11 JT. Suicide invoked her Navy rank, lieutenant commander, and ordered Quan to stand down. Andraste, Duffy, and Nardino also intervened demanding they be arrested also since they had disobeyed orders as well.

At Walden, Suicide showed JT how to make a bullet locket to contain some of Lizzy’s ashes. She gave him a silver chain gifted her by her late wife. Then she spoke at Lizzy’s funeral, relating how she died and emphasizing her bravery.

She returned to the maglev with JT, Davra, Connor, and Ellie to continue the mission to recruit stray resistance. The team included active-duty Marines and Colonial Guard as well as some of the defectors from Kray’s insurgents. They traveled east until the train stopped due to a destroyed bridge. Suicide led the teens, two Marines, and two defectors into the ravine below where they found an abandoned village. Some of the survivors of the bombing raid hid out in the forests and made contact. When they showed Suicide their camp, she discovered the bodies of five Gelt fighters all hanging from a large tree.

While in the village, she learned from one of defectors that most of Kray’s insurgents were conscripts threatened with execution under a bogus emergency order. They also learned that Kray’s headquarters lay in the Founders' Mine, which JT already had visited. Suicide and the team began formulating a plan to attack Kray from the adjacent mine. She had Duffy, who had rigged up communications equipment, contact Colonel Jovann about the plan.

When JT, Davra, Duffy, and Nardino made progress blending Gelt and human technology (including rigging a heat dish to a runabout), she sent Duffy and Davra in the maglev to retrieve flat cars to haul their new technology. Once the maglev headed back toward the Founders’ Mine, Suicide released the Gelt prisoners and the one insurgent hold-out. The insurgent pleaded to defect, but Suicide and Lt. Pavarti informed him he had changed his mind too late. By then, the Gelt prisoners had extrapolated Humanic and explained their situation. They were criminals in the Realm, the polity that governed their species. The Realm permitted convicts to work off their sentences “in defense of the Realm,” that they were draftees. Suicide let them loose armed only with knives and their swords to hunt wildlife.  She then gave assignments to JT, Davra, Duffy, and Ellie for the coming battle. When an unexpected barrier caused a delay, she took JT back to Walden to help her coordinate with Quan, not really caring about their mutual animosity.

Back along the maglev line, Suicide left Pavarti in charge of the train. She also ordered Duffy to teach more resistance fighters how to drive it. They left at midnight, picking up refugees and volunteers from a town called Red Valley along the way. Davra accompanied her. As the force penetrated the back entrance to the mine, they ran into railgun fire from the insurgents. In the process, Suicide was knocked unconscious. Davra pulled her to safety and covered her by taking up a rifle until they were rescued by Duffy and Nardino. Duffy launched grenades at the insurgents while Nardino fired a railgun.

Suicide recovered enough from her concussion to complete the raid, trapping Kray and his inner circle between her force, including a growing number of defectors, and those of Quan and Col. Jovann. Kray escaped. In the infirmary later, while both received treatment for their injuries, Suicide warned JT not to talk about his past, especially his mother. The rumor that Dasarius had arranged the invasion still held sway among the defectors.

When the resistance established contact with the fallen Ban Ki-moonColonel Jovann ordered Suicide to assemble a team to travel to the ship and make direct contact with the crew. She chose mostly Marines, a couple of defectors from Kray’s militia, and some new arrivals in Ragnar Township. Additionally, she took Duffy and Nardino with her for their technical skills. She opted to leave JT Austin, Eric Yuwono, and Davra Andraste behind over their protests.

Suicide was infuriated when the three showed up against orders. As they had reached the Edoras Transit Center, she armed them and made them part of the team. However, they would have to earn back her trust. Partly to get them out of her hair, and partly to make contact with any remaining resistance in Edoras, she ordered Yuwono and JT Austin to climb the stairs from the Transit Center to Edoras to make contact.

She questioned Davra about the strange lycanths she and the others encountered. She assigned Davra to question the others about their encounters. When Davra voiced concerns about Tyler Wat’s people, Suicide suggested starting with defectors from Kray’s militia and the Marines and Colonial Guard before talking to the former war criminals.

Lieutenant Tarak briefed Suicide on the situation in Edoras. She agreed to blow the west tunnel of the Transit Center and to try to bring back supplies from the Ban Ki-moon. The team left the center shortly thereafter, running into a pack of the strange lycanths.

When Austin and Yuwono brought the prisoner Trixie back, she questioned the Gelt woman. As the woman could not or would not respond in Humanic despite her species’ ability to extrapolate the language, she had her confined and set Davra to coaxing her into talking. While Wat suggested killing her as their resources were already stretched, Suicide wanted to show the Gelt humans were better than they were.

The march continued. Suicide argued with Wat about poisoning the water table to drive off the Gelt. Suicide blocked the plan as they would need the water at some point. Wat countered that long-term thinking would get them killed in the short term. As they came out of the Misty Mountains, Suicide took two Marines, Cannon, JT, Duffy, and Ellie to scout for vehicles. Davra stayed behind with the prisoner. The last three came along to hot rig any human vehicles they found. The strange lycanths surrounded them. This time, one lunged onto JT, trying to get his attention. One of the Marines shot one of the lycanths, but Ellie got JT’s attacker off of him. She attempted to communicate with it only to be dragged off screaming.

Suicide oversaw JT, Davra, and Duffy hot rigging two bat wagons, which the team took to the ruins of Lansdorp. At the station overlooking the city, Hauser and Cannon attempted to rape the prisoner Trixie. Davra defended her and killed Cannon. Suicide and Wat presided over the resulting Section 11 hearing for Davra and Hauser. She pressed JT, Yuwono, and Duffy on their ability to participate. Duffy could sit it out, but JT and Yuwono would have to return to the Founders’ Mine, and certain punishment for desertion, if they opted out. All three stayed. Both Davra and Hauser were found guilty, but the team did not vote to execute Davra. Suicide sent her into exile. Hauser, on the other hand, drew the death penalty for military abuse. Suicide shot him herself. She then had to warn Eric Yuwono not to abuse Trixie as she had lost four people to death or exile already from fighting amongst themselves.

Suicide told Davra she would have arranged her an escape if the vote went for executing her. She advised Davra to take a bat wagon that still carried supplies, giving her the Persuader gun she’d carried since the beginning of the invasion.

Suicide then had to separate Austin and Riley when the latter harassed Trixie. She ordered Austin up front and told Riley he would be Section 11’d if his behavior continued. She led the team into the tunnel beneath Lansdorp, confirming the existence of the emergency bunker beneath the city. They reached it after a day’s march. However, the door proved a challenge to penetrate until JT accidentally exposed a hidden entry panel. Suicide used her voice credentials to enter. The team entered, but was intercepted by a squad of Marines stationed within.

Confronting Governor Croix, she was surprised when Trixie revealed herself to be a woman named Tishla, who had come to assassinate Laral Umish. Tishla de-escalated the situation by allowing his doctors to examine her, on condition that Suicide and JT would oversee the process. When JT could no longer watch, telling Suicide it was like watching his wife be vivisected, she informed him he was growing up fast.

Croix tried to cancel her mission, stating he was the highest authority on Amargosa. She countered that his authority effectively ended at the bunker’s walls. When he revealed he had been in contact with Lucius Kray, Tyler Wat added that Kray was a bigger war criminal than he had ever been. Once the team had been secured, Suicide put an escape plan into action.

Eventually, the team crossed a river by climbing down into a ravine and using abandoned boats to move supplies across. Beyond, they discovered an abandoned camp and a bat wagon left behind by Kray’s militia. She sent JT Austin and Tyler Wat to scout for another vehicle, which they found on the shore of Lake Anaronda.

Beyond Lake Anaronda, the team encountered Kray’s militia. after a fierce battle, they moved on and reached a fishing village on the shore of the Western Ocean. However, they spotted Kray leaving in the only seaworthy boat. The team found another ship available. Suicide ordered JT and Wat to get the engine working again while Duffy and a Marine named Jiang took Tishla to find a nanite mix and the controller to patch the hull.

At sea, she taught JT to look at something stable to combat his seasickness. He also pointed out that his seasickness and Eric Yuwono’s phobia of large bodies of water would be reasons why they should not have come on the mission. Still, when the boats reached the Ban Ki-moon, they found Kray waiting for them. However, Lt. Cmdr. Boko, the acting captain, kept Kray in check. He allowed Suicide and JT Austin to oversee Dr. Panadero‘s examination of Tishla. After speaking with a crew member, Suicide grabbed JT and the Marine Jiang and evacuated back to the fishing boat. She ordered JT below and conferred with Wat about what happened on the ship. There, she and Wat hatched a plan where the bulk of the team would “defect,” an easy sell as Yuwono’s father had been captured as one of Kray’s insurgents. Also, Riley hated the Marines, Guards, and Kray defectors on the team. She took Duffy and JT with her to liberate Tishla. They saw Kray stab Boko. JT attempted to kill Kray. Suicide urged restraint as the warlord released Tishla, but did nothing to stop JT from beating the man severely, including returning the kicks to the ribs and face he’d received at the Founders’ Mine four months earlier. They fled to Nebraska Island aboard a shuttle. On the way, she revealed that Boko intended to scuttle the ship. She ditched the ship short of the island. As they charged across the beach, a hijacked combat shuttle shot at them. Tishla took a round to the arm while a crew member named Fernandez was killed.

In the jungle, they found Amargosa Two, one of the ships she had hidden for the governor. They boarded. Tishla convinced Suicide that Hanar would be safer than a Compact world as the Compact had already abandoned Gilead, now Hanar. Tishla also promised to get her in touch with Athena Jovann on Metis.

Suicide got the ship airborne, having JT power up the projection-drive reactor and releasing countermeasures to foil Kray’s persuers. She did not have time to render the windows opaque for what was a very dangerous wormhole jump inside Amargosa’s gravity well.

Upon arrival over Hanar, Suicide had Tishla contact traffic control and the authorities. Suicide had to introduce herself as Tishla could not pronounce her real name.* Traffic control identified her and put on Trevor Colt. Tishla then revealed she was First Citizen of Hanar. She informed everyone aboard that they were now among friends. Suicide sent a hyperdrone to Metis. This resulted in Athena Jovann coming as Metis’s representative along with Admirals Burke and Austin.

Once rapport with the Compact was established on Hanar, Suicide joined a mission to negotiate with human separatists. An ambush resulted in the abductions of the admirals. When the team and its Hanarian backups regrouped, Suicide called in a strafing run to convince the separatists to release the hostages and come to the table. She then handed off JT Austin’s combat training to Mitsuko Yamato and pilot training to Giddeus Modesto.

When Modesto and Yamato were assigned to shepherd JT Austin in flying and ground combat respectively, Suicide asked Yamato to personally mentor him additionally. She also had JT spar with Feltan Bornag to teach him Gelt sword technique. Prior to the liberation, she asked JT for a shirt to burn if he died in battle so that she could have a bullet locket.

However, after an incident where JT nearly beat renegade Nobu Katsumoto to death, she expressed extreme disappointment with him. During a practice spar after Tishla released him from custody, she told him he was both impulsive and sullen and needed to pull it together.

While JT trained as a pilot, he twice covered for Modesto, telling the Challenger that he never received Modesto’s message to take over prep for him. Suicide persuaded him to admit it to her and warned him not to test Deputy Flight Commander Osner‘s patience again.


*In this passage, Suicide mentions her father is Taiwanese and Korean. In later stories, he is full-blooded Han, and her mother is half-Tibetan. This will be corrected in the forthcoming rerelease of Second Wave.

Appearances: The Children of Amargosa, Second Wave, Flight BladeStorming Amargosa