Compact of Humanity in Assembly

The Compact of Humanity in Assembly was the primary political entity for the human species Homo sapiens. Its formation came about after the Earth-Mars War. Mars, the settlements in and beyond Sol’s asteroid belt, and the interstellar colonies wanted more independence and more say overall in human affairs.

Originally designed to function similarly to Earth‘s United Nations, the Compact has been described a loose confederation of independent worlds. However, five dominated the polity through 436 IE: Earth, Mars, Tian, Etrusca, and The Caliphate.

Colloquially called the Compact, the name also refers to the founding document, simply called the Compact, which is its constitution. The Compact is governed by the Compact Assembly, which meets in Quantonesia, a purpose-built city on an artificial island in Earth’s Victoria Harbor, in sight of Hong Kong. Within the Assembly, run by the Secretary-General of the Compact (a delegate elected by the Assembly from within for the role) is the upper legislative house, the Compact Security Council. This consists of eight permanent members, all founding worlds, the rest chosen each session from the rest of the Assembly. The senior delegate from each member delegation in the Assembly becomes the Security Council member.

The Compact also has an independent judiciary run by Law Lords. Until 430, the Secretary-General functioned as the de facto head of state and actual head of government. A revision to the Compact created a separate executive branch led by a president assuming both roles.

Secession is normally illegal. Once a member world, always a member world. However, when the Compact is revised, a core world (worlds not colonies of another member world) may leave by not signing the revised Compact. In 432, Metis formally declined to sign over disputes in recognizing Hanar—Metis already recognized it while the Security Council and, later, Acting President Leitman, refused to do so. This resulted in the founding of the Metisian Republic as a parallel authority for Metis, Amargosa, and Farigha. Thule seceded simply by cutting itself off from the galaxy during the revision.

The Compact has four military branches—Navy, Marine Corps, Border Guard (analogous to air forces and space forces of the World War Era), and Cybercommand, an intelligence and cyber-warfare branch. As of 430, the president functioned as civilian commander-in-chief. Prior to that, the secretary-general had nominal authority over the military.



Primary Species:

Homo sapiens


Federated democracy

Head of State:

Secretary-General of the Compact Assembly (de facto until 430), president (from 430 onward)

Member worlds:

Earth, Mars, Jovian Federation, Trantor, Jefivah, Aurora, Tian, Etrusca, The Caliphate, Bromdar, Dakota, Bonaparte, Metis (until 432), Thule (until 430), Ares, Demeter, Belsham, Magic World, Deseret