Juno was an organization created as resistance to what founder Gene Klament saw as the return of Steven Turing after the latter nearly wiped out humanity during the brief AI War of the mid-twenty-first century.


Klament was an early participant in life prolongation experiments. With Suri Mongano, he became one of the first humans to begin a regimen of rejuvenation treatments every five years. Early in the twenty-second century, just prior to the dawn of the Interstellar Era, he and Mongano underwent the Orag treatment for permanent rejuvenation (or amortality, as the humans known as Orags called it in English.) Mongano was the only successful patient out of ten. Klament nearly died from cascading organ rejection. The Orags transported him to Gohem and were able to save him.

Return to Earth

Klament returned to Earth during the Earth-Mars War. His former employer, Jermaine Tolbert, now lived on a distant colony called Etrusca. There he and his new business partner held a monopoly on a form of faster-than-light travel called projection drive and had used it to invent the hypergate. Already incensed at Martian rebellion, Klament saw Germanicus’s attempts to form a greater polity of human worlds as interference in Earth’s affairs. When he learned from his former lover, Mongano, of Germanicus’s former identity as Steven Turning, Klament became obsessed with destroying him and everything he would go on to create. He founded Juno as a sort of secret society.

Corporate front

Some time in the 420s, most likely after the collapse of the latest Dasarius effort to modernize Aphrodite, Juno created a GMO startup and convinced an investment company named Hatch to purchase it. Hatch was owned by Dasarius Interstellar, Germanicus’s company, yet the parent company remained unaware of it due to Hatch’s virtual autonomy. During this time, the startup created a plant dubbed “creeper,” a spore-generated vine that could produce fruit, grain, and root vegetables all on the same planet. On the downside, it grew uncontrollably and would leave soil unusable for a season after planting, and only then after some serious mitigation efforts. Nonetheless, JunoCorp sold this to Jefivah as a means to stand up its colonies.

A representative named Marcus Leitman, really Klament, pitched this to multiple colonies. Jefivah, however, unwittingly gave the Juno organization a foothold on Marilyn and the other two colonies. Leitman also visited Farigha, Gilead, and Amargosa shortly before the Gelt invaded all three. Leitman had left the company and gone into Compact politics by the time another representative visited the Etruscan colony of Anacreon. The Compact Navy foiled the Gelt invasion of Anacreon, worked with the joint human-Gelt government now on the former Gilead (Hanar), and liberated Amargosa.

Leitman claimed to have been duped by his employers and rode his testimony into the Compact Assembly, where he eventually became Earth’s delegate to the Security Council. JunoCorp was seized by Dasarius and, in tandem with Compact law enforcement, forcibly dismantled.


Publicly, JunoCorp became an operation to dispose of the assets of the original company. In reality, it still functioned as a front for Juno. They took control of an abandoned district on the failed core world of Walton and stole resurrection technology from Dasarius where they hoped to sell it to the highest bidder from a residence on Hosh.

Additionally, Leitman became acting president of the Compact after the polity’s first president, Baker ibn-Aziz of The Caliphate. His chief of staff originally was Jez Salamacis, first believed dead after assassinating the Sovereign of the Realm. During her incident on Walton during the kidnapping of Jayne Best, she escaped by self-incinerating, only to be resurrected on Earth. Juno also exposed itself as the backer of radical Cubism, a movement that ended when its leader, Gerard Kurz, was killed.