Juno, often called “JunoCorp,” was a GMO startup in the early fifth century IE. Juno had a reputation for flaunting nearly six centuries of standards and practices in genetic engineering of crops. Juno introduced the potato to the Realm, selling it to Lattus Kai when he governed Essenar. The company also facilitated the disarming and initial crop planting of Jefivah‘s three colonies. They appeared on the Compact‘s radar when they contracted the Etrusca Explorer to remove seven fusion weapons from Marilyn.

JunoCorp had a headquarters in Rashidun, The Caliphate on the 110th floor of the Burj Rashidun. At the time of the Gelt Incursion, a Mr. Pope was its CEO. Mr. Pope had a propensity for taking meetings while swimming nude in the corporate pool. It was there Quentin Austin and Pope's assistant disovered his body there after he was murdered.

Through an investment company, Dasarius Interstellar owned JunoCorp. Marcus Leitman, as a JunoCorp employee, traveled outside the Compact to meet with the Laral family to arrange the invasions of FarighaGilead, and Amargosa. He also had a hand in creating the illegal militia formed by Lucius Kray.

Sarai Gaddar revealed to Force Admiral Quentin Austin the company’s revenue steams going outside JunoCorp or to some place off the books, suggesting it was a front. Dasarius moved to shut down the company but, due to the larger entity’s size and complexity, this proved a difficult task. Germanicus took an active interest in the Compact’s probe into Juno’s activities, but allowed the Navy, then Delegate Douglas Best to take the lead.

In 430, Juno began to emerge from behind its corporate facade. JunoCorp the company underwent a slow dissolution by Dasarius Interstellar to extract it from the company’s networks and resources. However, beginning with Malcolm Russell‘s visit to Amargosa, the organization operated in its true form more openly. They played the Laral Family off Lucius Kray during Laral Occupation of Amargosa. Either Kray or Laral Farad would do for Juno’s plans.

In 432, Suicide and JT Austin found Juno markings on high-impact weapon fragments found in the destruction at the Thulian Enclave. The fragments appeared to be from the Realm and Compact. JT theorized the markings served to indictate what devices to steal from stores. Suicide suspected Acting President Marcus Leitman of involvement as everyone who asks questions about him ended up dead.

As a result of the investigation started by Admiral Austin and continued by Douglas Best. the corporate front JunoCorp was dismantled by Dasarius, its parent Hatch dissolved. Juno began functioning once more as a shadow organization. However, on Walton, its presence became more overt. Suicide and her team, on a mission to rescue Jayne Best, spotted the former corporate logo in various places in the planet’s District 19.


Appearances: The Marilynists, The Children of Amargosa, Broken Skies, Storming AmargosaSuicide Run