Class: Class-E

Atmosphere: Oxygen-nitrogen

Population: 1.2 million


Political Information:

Polity: Republic of Hosh

Status: Non-aligned world (until 434 IE), protectorate of the Compact

Government: Presidential republic (until 434), protectorate

Capital: Hosh City


Hosh was a non-aligned sapiens world, originally a colony of Etrusca. Like many non-aligned worlds, it was essentially a city-state surrounded by wilderness. Hosh was more or less a dictatorship supported by tourism and gambling. Until the ascendancy of Benedrix Cassan, the presidency had proven unstable with coups happening almost on a five-year schedule. Cassan’s regime lasted until 434, when the Compact’s Cybercommand overthrew her government in response to her giving shelter to Juno operations. Nominally, Cassan remained governor of the ensuing protectorate.

Cassan was replaced with one of her own clones controlled by a Cybercommand AI that had achieved sapience. The real Cassan underwent confinement in a safe house on Demeter.



Another Way to Die