Davra Andraste

Davra Andraste (Born 415 IE) was a resistance fighter during the Laral Occupation of Amargosa. Born on Metis and raised on Bromdar, she spoke with a slight Bromdarian accent. Her mother was an industrial engineer who died of a disease called blood fire. She was 77 when Davra was born. Her father, Samuel Andraste, took a job as port master for Amargosa and raised her on its orbital station. As the Gelt Incursion began, Samuel evacuated her in a life pod before the station exploded. He died with the station, rendering Davra an orphan.

Upon landing, she was rescued by a platoon of Youth Corps cadets that included Eric Yuwono. While accompanying Yuwono to Gene Cernan Spaceport, she and the cadet took a young boy named Suvi with them after the Gelt bombed a bridge out from under them. The linked up with Connor Duffy and Ellie Nardino at the spaceport. The transport with Ellie’s father aboard exploded when a Gelt fighter bombed it. The group then witnessed the mushroom cloud from the fusion blast that destroyed Lansdorp. Yuwono led them to the lowest subway level which carried the Transcontinent Maglev beneath the spaceport. After some indecision on everyone’s part, Davra led the group through the tunnel. The trip was made difficult as Davra had come to the surface in pajamas and slippers, then had to walk the dormant magnetic rail in pitch black. When they emerged from the tunnel, they found a disabled maglev train. One of the passengers found more suitable clothing for Davra.

Impatient with Yuwono’s indecision, she led their group out the next morning, along with several passengers. Yuwono protested the challenge to his perceived authority, but Davra led them to a rail station outside of Lansdorp that had food and water. When renegade fighters attacked the station, killing several to take their food, Davra and Ellie agreed to pretend to be hostages so they could escape. They were rescued by Colonial Guard.

They were taken aboard a hover tram headed for the Misty Mountains. On board, Davra witnessed a Section 11 execution performed by Lieutenant Straker on one of the renegades from the station. She had some apprehension despite Yuwono’s explanation of how Section 11s worked, but Straker came to tell her she would be tapped for some sort of leadership position after she led the others through the maglev station. Minutes later, she followed Yuwono into their first battle with the Gelt. During the battle, she watched as a heat ray weapon incinerated Suvi.

Shortly afterward, Duffy pointed out to Davra that they were in sight of the maglev, that a nearby station appeared to still have power, and they should attempt to ride it to Edoras, the village in the Misty Mountains where the tram was headed anyway. She went, at first expecting resistance from Yuwono, but the cadet had already scavenged weapons for the run.

Aboard the maglev, Duffy deduced that the train was a robot with a dead man’s switch and that the locomotive derived power from the rail. She took an early shift along with Yuwono driving the train. While she slept after the shift, the train stopped due to an obstruction on the rail. It turned out to be a Gelt battle wagon, which she and Yuwono were able to get running. Ellie discovered the grenades Yuwono stashed on the maglev were manufactured on Amargosa as they had the old-style pins instead of electronic timers with remote options. Davra was able to distract the gunmen by hurling grenades at them. Colonial Guard emerged from the elevator, but Yuwono was shot in the process. Escorted by the resistance up to Edoras, Davra and the others met the head of the resistance, Diana Jovann. Jovann debriefed Davra upon her arrival in Edoras. There, Straker scolded her for abandoning the hover tram until Davra revealed that they had dismantled the battle wagon blocking the track and stowed aboard the maglev. She showed him the alien vehicle and explained how they dismantled it. Colonel Jovann assigned them to take Duffy and Nardino (Yuwono recuperating in the makeshift hospital in Edoras) to take the maglev east to round up resistance fighters. The train came under attack by Lucius Kray‘s insurgents. When Straker’s troops became pinned down, she, Duffy, and Nardino slipped out with fire extinguishers to attack the insurgents. The mist helped confuse the insurgents, and Davra killed one by hitting him over the head. She ended up captured only to be rescued by Straker’s troops. The maglev proceeded again only to be attacked by Gelt. Davra, Duffy, and Nardino climbed atop the train and took out one battle wagon while a hijacked wagon driven by Suicide destroyed the other. Lieutenant Straker, however, was killed in the attack.

Back aboard the maglev, Lieutenant Pavarti assumed command of the mission. She saw JT Austin for the first time, but he locked himself in a lavatory to be alone. She also met Suicide, who explained JT had just lost his wife and that the burlap sack he carried contained her ashes.

When they arrived at the Harlan-Ragnar maglev station, Lt. Quan met them and threatened to Section 11 JT. Suicide intervened, but Davra stepped up with Nardino and Duffy, telling Quan he would have to arrest them, too. Quan relented.

Davra attended Lizzy Parker‘s funeral, then accompanied Suicide and the others on the maglev east, intending to reach resistance near the ruins of Arcanum. When the maglev stopped due to a destroyed bridge, they marched down into a ravine and found an abandoned village. The villagers, however had not abandoned the area but hid in the woods. They also killed the Gelt invaders sent to clean up, hanging them from a large tree.

In the village, JT taught her how to drive and showed her how he could hot rig a vehicle. However, Davra went with Duffy to retrieve flat cars for the maglev. As Suicide and Lt. Pavarti took the maglev and their salvaged vehicles back west for an assault on the mine, Davra was appointed by Suicide as a runner. When the assault began in earnest, she accompanied Suicide in a runabout that went on ahead of the train, the ground vehicles needing the night to arrive at the assault point on time.

Suicide was knocked unconscious in the attack. Davra pulled her to safety and covered her by taking up a rifle until they were rescued by Duffy and Nardino. Duffy launched grenades at the insurgents while Nardino fired a railgun. As they pressed forward, she came into conflict with Rey Yuwono, Eric’s father, who had gone over to Kray’s illegal militia. Despite her protests that Eric was still alive and recovering from injuries in Edoras, he attempted to take her prisoner. However, Ellie clubbed him in the head with a railgun charge.

While on guard duty at the Founders' Mine, she and JT Austin witness the Ban Ki-moon‘s fall from orbit. They had to seek shelter as the ship rained debris in its entry. When Suicide put together a team to make contact with the Moon, she protested to Colonel Jovann. Jovann, however, said she did not want to send Duffy and Nardino but needed them. Because Davra also was technically brilliant, Jovann wanted her to stay behind and work on the resistance’s communication system.

When Eric Yuwono arranged for himself and JT Austin, JT invited her along without telling Yuwono. It was then she realized Yuwono had a crush on her. On their first night out, they encountered a pack of lycanths who behaved as though they were intelligent.

They camped out in the village where JT met Dr. Yaris Ran originally before following the maglev mainitenance road. Within sight of the Edoras Transit Center, they were taken into custody by Tyler Wat and brought before Suicide. Suicide expressed anger at their disobedience but did not send them back to the Founders’ Mine. She put Davra to work on rigging the tunnel to blow, working with Duffy and Nardino. Nardino revealed to her how one of the Polygamy War vets tried to make Ellie his bride.

She related to Suicide how the strange lycanths didn’t behave as the normal. Suicide assigned her to question the others about their encounters. When she voiced concerns about Tyler Wat’s people, Suicide suggested starting with defectors from Kray’s militia and the Marines and Colonial Guard before talking to the former war criminals. When the resistance fighters from the Founders’ Mine had no experience with the type of lycanth she described, she questioned two of Wat’s people, Hauser and Riley. The two were uncooperative and scolded by Tyler Wat for harrassing her.

On their way to meetup with Suicide, Davra discovered a cache of fiber netting, a form of camouflage favored by human farmers to foil lycanth attacks. At the Transit Center, she, Ellie Nardino, and Connor Duffy experimented with it. As a result, they would create camo suits for the team to wear while marching at night and cover for stopping by day.

Once the began marching again, Austin and Yuwono brought in a prisoner, a female Gelt Duffy jokingly named Trixie. Suicide assigned Davra to try and help the woman extrapolate Humanic, though her efforts seemed fruitless. While retrieving food, Yuwono suggested simply killing Trixie and moving on since the Gelt showed humans no mercy. Davra made her disgust for the idea known, as did Austin.

As the march continued, she scolded JT for his rough treatment of Trixie. If he said they were supposed to be better than the Gelt, she chided him, then he needed to act like it. She also overheard an argument between Suicide and Wat over poisoning the water table. Suicide, being the leader, nixed the idea.

Suicide left her in charge of Trixie while she and several others scouted out a valley at the western edge of the Misty Mountains. During that mission, the strange lycanths carried off Ellie Nardino. Davra had drifted in by that point and helped JT hot rig a pair of bat wagons. She continued to tag team keeping watch on Trixie, though JT’s treatment of the woman had softened.

They reached the maglev station above Lansdorp in a couple of days. While minding Trixie, she took her to a restroom. Cannon and Hauser barged in, intending to rape Trixie. Davra defended her, killing Cannon by hitting him in the head with a fire extinguisher. Because no legal system existed, and Suicide was reluctant to Section 11 two more of her team without input from the rest, Davra had to answer before everyone for the charge of manslaughter. She gave the defense that she defended herself and the prisoner from Hauser and Cannon. Hauser, in turn, claimed no guilt because the Gelt gave no quarter to humans, so he was perfectly within his rights to rape Trixie. The team as a whole voted. Suicide Section 11’d Hauser and sentenced Davra to exile. Suicide revealed that, had the vote gone for executing her, she would have arranged an escape. She gave Davra her Persuader and one of the bat wagons that still had supplies and equipment. Suicide cautioned her to return to either Edoras or the Founders’ Mine.

Davra, however, opted to find the bunker under Lansdorp, hoping finding a path for the team would allow her to return. However, she was soon captured by Gelt soldiers. They took her aboard the colony transport above the city. Her captors incinerated all the other prisoners with her but selected Davra to be kept as a domesticated pet. Laral Umish claimed her as a gift to his wife, Laral Peteesh. Davra did not feel threatened by Peteesh, but she did feel humiliated. Peteesh dressed in a lot of lace, She spoke Humanic to Davra, but fitted her with a collar. A rather foppish person, Peteesh enthiusiastically told Davra it would be so cute if she used the “water closet, like real people.” Davra’s primary duty was fetching fruit plates for her mistress. In the kitchen, she met Glenna, a resistance fighter taken as a slave by Umish’s forces. They began discreetly plotting ways to strike back at the Gelt from aboard the transport. Glenna advised her to pretend to sound afraid as she related whatever Peteesh said in Humanic, since Peteesh talked constantly at Davra in that language. Once, while carrying a fruit plate back from the kitchen for Peteesh, she witnessed a woman killed for resisting as guards took her to Umish as a plaything. She decided she would kill Peteesh in her sleep when the opportunity arose. When Peteesh revealed that the Sovereign of the Realm was coming, she informed Glenna. The two began planning how to exploit the visit. When she revealed later that the Sovereign was coming to dress down Umish, Glenna introduced her to a fellow slave named Largo, who had a plan to kill both Laral and the Sovereign.

As preparations began for the Sovereign’s visit, Peteesh took to dressing Davra in “special” outfits and even gave her an elaborate control collar to wear. Davra found it humiliating. However, she awoke one night to see Umish drunkenly rape Peteesh. From then on, she had sympathy for her captor and a desire to kill Umish instead.

When the Sovereign arrived early and unannounced, Peteesh took Davra on a leash to greet Him. Davra could not understand what was said and watched the alien monarch while trying to keep her eyes downcast. The Sovereign spoke harshly to Laral Umish and stripped something off his uniform. From this, she knew the Sovereign was angry about the situation on Amargosa.

That day, Largo showed her a suicide vest he planned to wear to the banquet that night. He intended to kill both the Sovereign and Laral Umish. Shortly thereafter, Davra was escorted to the Sovereign, whose guards treated her more benignly than the Warriors aboard Umish’s transport. The Sovereign snapped at Umish when he behaved harshly toward her, then asked her if she knew anything about warp drive.

Upon her return to their quarters, Peteesh gushed at the prospect of Umish pimping her to the Sovereign as a present. Davra did not know what to think since she didn’t know if offering one’s spouse for sex to a superior was normal in Gelt society. However, as they made their way to the banquet thrown in the Sovereign’s honor, Davra decided she wanted to save Peteesh from what was about to happen. When Peteesh pled stomach issues to ask for a fruit plate, Davra had the fruit tainted to make Peteesh sick. While she help Peteesh clean up from puking and excreting, Largo detonated his suicide bomb, killing Umish and the Sovereign.

Davra offered to protect Peteesh in captivity if she could get them off the falling colony transport. Peteesh protected her with her position as they took over a livestock carrier to escape. While fleeing, Davra learned that Peteesh had been reconditioned to be a sexual plaything for Umish. Originally a Warrior, she had been sold to Laral Jorl to pay off a debt. Once clear of the transport, Davra guided Peteesh into the Misty Mountains and to the peak near Edoras. There, Peteesh formally surrender and informed the responding resistance that she would prefer to live among humans if their women were all like Davra. Davra asked for contact with the Founders’ Mine, for Peteesh to be placed under guard, and for fresh clothes and some food. And a shower.

Davra remained at Edoras for at least a month where the resistance cell there held Peteesh prisoner. Eventually, Colonel Jovann summoned her back to the Founders’ Mine. Lieutenant Tarak, who, despite his injuries, had taken command of the cell, offered to kill Peteesh before sending Davra back. Davra preferred to bring in a high-value prisoner partly to make up for disobeying Jovann’s orders to originally remain at the mine. She also felt that, because she and Peteesh helped each other escape, she owed it to the Gelt woman to spare her life.

Quan, now a major, arrested Davra and questioned her repeatedly. She faced a hearing presided over by Quan, Jovann, and another officer. They found her guilty on some, but not all counts, considering her captivity by the Gelt as time served. Jovann later informed her that she had considered a Section 11 execution for Davra, as well as JT Austin and Eric Yuwono, for endangering other resistance fighters who had to search for them. Peteesh’s presence softened her stance and contributed to her reduced sentence. Davra returned to duty, her primary duty maintaining custody of the prisoner.

Colonel Jovann had Davra and Peteesh accompany her on a mission to Riverside to meet with Kray. Rey Yuwono was also asked for, but Jovann ordered him to keep his distance from Davra. Davra expressed concern that Kray would vivisect Peteesh, but Jovann said they needed to knit the resistance into a coherent whole. During the march, an ursoid attacked the unit, killing two fighters. Peteesh took weapons from one of the dead fighters and killed the animal, surrendering to Davra.

At Arcanum, Davra helped take out a Gelt assault group before the team met a the Marine contingent led by Major Hu Dingbang.

On the way to Riverside, Davra was reunited with Yuwono. She found it hard to understand why he was in Kray’s militia even though he confided he was a mole for Jovann. Davra witnessed the murder of a Gelt prisoner at Kray’s hand. Kray then injected her with the same suicide toxin to little effect. She also witnessed Kray putting a toxin capsule inside Peteesh to weaponize her against Laral Farad. She pleaded with Jovann and Yuwono to free her, but their hands were tied. Yuwono managed to convince her of his mission. This resulted in their first kiss.

She coaxed Yuwono into revealing that he was actually a mole, along with the rest of Wat’s group, for Col. Jovann. Shortly thereafter, however, Kray abducted her, injected her with incendiary nanites, and released her. Jovann told her she should not worry right away because Kray needed them all alive. However, she slapped Yuwono telling him he had condemned her to death.

Two Gelt soldiers attempted to capture and assault her. Fighting back, she killed them, threatening the fragile cease-fire. Kray had her retaken into custody, but she escaped, intending to flee the city. She happened upon Kray as he received his holographic severance from Leitman, her first clue that the GMO salesman was something more than a mere rep. Kray caught her and put her in with Peteesh. Davra tried to free the Gelt woman but was interrupted by Laral Farad. Laral killed Peteesh and attempted to take Davra for himself when they were interrupted by Yuwono and a militiaman. Yuwono killed Laral’s aide Ponax, shot Laral in the knee, and killed his militia escort. They fled into the widening chaos as the cease-fire broke down. Eventually, they found Riley in a basement with a fusion warhead. Riley intended to end Kray and Laral by detonating it. He warned them to flee the city. They ran.

They located Tyler Wat and warned him about the warhead. Wat also heard about Col. Jovann’s death and assumed command of both the resistance and the insurgents. He ordered an immediate evacuation. They fled up the mountain over the city in hopes of getting on the backside before the warhead went off. On the peak, they spotted Kray setting up camp in the shadow of the mountain. They also ran into an army of mechs, herded by what appeared to be lycanths, marching up the mountain. Eric and Davra ran toward them, warning them off. The blast knocked her downhill and irradiated her. She emerged otherwise uninjured. Wat, however, broke his thigh. She, Yuwono, and Boone tended to him. They spotted camps of Lucius Kray and the Northern Resistance. Under orders from Wat, she made for the Northern Resistance. The others were captured by Kray’s troops. While she made her way down the mountain, she spotted fighter craft from the Ark RoyalHancock, and Valles Marineris.

While making for the Northern Resistance camp, she happened on the shuttle taken by Fleet Admiral Tran and Lattus Tishla, whom Davra only knew as “Trixie.” She was shocked to learn that Tishla was leader of the former colony of Gilead, now a joint human-Gelt colony named Hanar. Davra gave them the situation on the ground while Tishla and Tran outlined the liberation efforts. Their escort spotted a militia patrol approaching the shuttle. Davra grabbed a rifle and went out to draw them off. She killed one of the militia fighters but was captured by the other and taken to Kray.

In camp, Kray, after killing Tyler and wounding Boone, took Davra hostage as soon as he was surrounded by Northern Resistance mechs. When Brendie KrayEllie Nardino, and Lattus Tishla confronted him, Davra managed to slip out of his grasp and shoot him in the knee. She then kicked him three times in the knee and the ribs, once for her capitvity, once for killing Peteesh, and once for getting Lizzy Austin killed. JT and Yuwono pulled her off, but they could not stop him from taking a hidden gun and attempting to shoot Tishla.

Once the cease-fire took hold, Davra was taken to a medical tent for evaluation. Medics sent her to a human-specialty hospital aboard the downed colony transport where doctors would attempt to remove her incendiary nanites. While there, Douglas and Jayne Best offered her a part in the Thulian Project.

Davra joined the Navy after liberation. In 432, as a junior lieutenant, she served as a technician aboard the Anna Khirovsky. When Suicide breached the ship over Thule, it confirmed suspicions Davra and her captain had about Jez Salamacis. She rigged a command to jettison the ship’s projection drive reactor on Suicide’s signal, then offered herself as a hostage to get to the ship’s CNC. The ruse worked until Salamacis used armed repair drones to capture them and bring the to the CNC.

On the bridge, Suicide executed Davra’s program, resulting in a standoff. Salamacis killed Captain Aiken Hiller to force her hand. Davra, however, had Suicide’s pistol and shot the chief of staff. Executive Officer Chen Mei, now captain, had Salamacis arrested.


Appearances: The Children of Amargosa, Second WaveStorming Amargosa