Laral Family

The Laral Family was a family of nobles within the Realm responsible for the Gelt Incursion of 429 IE and the year-long Laral Occupation of Amargosa.

Laral Jorl, a senior member of the Warrior Caste, hatched a scheme with the alien Marq to seize and occupy the Compact colonies of FarighaGileadAmargosa, and Anacreon. Farigha, a terraforming project commissioned by Mars, fell when all but two domes were destroyed. However, the planet was never colonized and the Navy quickly reclaimed it. Gilead fell with the assistance and support of Lattus Kai, whom he killed in a duel. Lattus’s widow Tishla challenged him to a duel before the Sovereign of the Realm, naming his son Umish as her champion. (Pregnant women are forbidden to participate in single combat within the Realm. Jorl committed suicide rather than face his son in single combat, forfeiting Gilead and leading to the founding of its successor world, Hanar.

Laral Umish went on to rule Amargosa as its military governor.

Laral Farad oversaw the failed invasion of Anacreon.His surrender to Vice Admiral Eileen Burke ended the Gelt Incursion. On orders from his cousin Umish, he went to Armaneya City to disrupt Hanar's operation to recruit settlers run by Nolan RoscLattus Brac, and Delda Rallis. Authorities exiled him from the city. Upon the death of Laral Umish, he became the governor of Amargosa.

Appearances: The Roots of War, Broken SkiesThe ExileStorming Amargosa