An orag was a species of human distinct from Homo sapiens. Descended from transplanted Neanderthals, Orags had similar intelligence to Sapiens and spoke a common language resembling theoretical precursors to Indo-European. A common, though discredited, conspiracy theory among Sapiens posited that Orags sought to conquer and wipe out their brethren for the eventual extinction of their kind on Earth and their ancestors “exile.” However, Orags tended to be less violent than humans and lived on a world very similar to Earth, including a large satellite controlling its tides. They referred to Sapiens as “terrags,” a reference to their Terran origin.

Orags hailed from Gohem, derived from a root word for “Gaia” in later Sapiens languages. Earthlike in the extreme, it had a similar sized moon.

Orags perfected rejuvenation a couple of centuries before Sapiens, with amortality standard for adult Orags by 429 IE. It took a longer for Sapiens because the latter species of human lacked a protein Orags possessed unless the individual had a certain amount of Neanderthal DNA in their genome. High Normaj was one such individual.

Appearances: Gimme Shelter