Northern Resistance

The Northern resistance was a rapidly growing resistance force that came out of Amargosa‘s northern polar region. Unlike the main resistance based in the Founders' Mine and Edoras or the militia loyal to Lucius Kray, the Northern Resistance consisted of humans, disaffected Gelt settlers and Warriors angry with Laral Farad, and sapient lycanths. They first came to the occupiers’ attention when the city of Deming, occupied by the Gelt since the beginning of the Laral Occupation. Rumor had it a Chapaan led the resistance. Chapaan was actually Ellie Nardino. Along with a Gelt named Sored, a Marine named Kamala, and two sapient lycanths dubbed Red and Spikey, led the resistance.

As the resistance began their march south, Diana Jovann had Major Hu Dingbang send a scouting party north to meet with them. By the time they reached Riverside, where they witnessed the city’s destruction in a fusion blast, the resistance had coopted Laral-built mechs, a Marine contingent under command of Major Hu Dingbang and the Gelt garrison force at Arcanum. They erected a camp to march against Lucius Kray. Among them was Kray’s ex-wife Brendie Kray.

The Resistance’s final act during the liberation came when Chapaan sentenced Kray to death under Section 11 Execution of the Compact (document)Realm Law as determined by its Gelt membership, and “pack law” of the sapient lycanths. This last would provide the sentence for Kray. He was devoured alive by sapient lycanths in minutes.


Appearances: Storming Amargosa