Suicide Run

Suicide Run is the first book of the Suicide Arc and fourteenth book overall in the Compact Universe series.

An infant appears literally on the doorstep of retired pilot Cui Yun, better known as Suicide. She learns the child belongs to Amargosa’s governor, who has just survived an assassination attempt while his wife has gone missing. With her protege and surrogate son, JT Austin, and a sarcastic ape-like being named Boolay, she goes searching for the mother. The trail begins at a world of Neanderthals and leads first to a desert world colony dedicated to a cult worshipping Marilyn Monroe, then to a failed core world crawling with aggressive, if not carnivorous, plants. She will locate the mother only to confront her captors, a cabal that wants to control human evolution itself. The final confrontation will explode over a world well above the galactic plane.

Preceded by: Storming Amargosa

Followed by: Checkmate