Cubism was a religion that flourished in the 400s IE. It was based on the teachings of Frederick Ansel, a native of Belsham and a one-time resident of Aphrodite. He considered Suicide one of his greatest disciples.

Cubism was a pantheistic religion stating that “God is everything, and everything is God.” Ansel’s teachings were peaceful, sometimes in the extreme. A radical faction, however, became violent, with suicide bombings on Aphrodite, Earth, and The Caliphate.

John Farno speculated that Cubists may have blown up three of the domes on Farigha when he discovered Musk, his home, had been destroyed.

Cubists had blown up a mosque in Rashidun, the capital of The Caliphate not long before the attack. Another notable bombing took place in New York City, on Earth.

Appearances:    No Marigolds in the Promised Land