Valles Marineris

The Valles Marineris was a capital ship of the Compact Navy. It was scheduled to make a stop at Amargosa in mid-to-late 429 IE.

Following the Gelt Incursion, Force Admiral Quentin Austin assumed command of the ship to lead a task force to retake Amargosa. The task force attempted to shoot down a Gelt colony transport. However, the fleet soon found itself ambushed. Austin put the ship between the Gelt attackers and the surviving ships of the take force before jumping to the Zeus Shipyards for repairs.

A year later, Vice Admiral Burke, along with Austin, took the Marineris to Hanar on a fact-finding mission regarding the newly independent joint world of Gelt and sapiens. When the First Citizen expressed a desire to help liberate Amargosa, it became the flagship of the invasion fleet.

In 433 IE, the Marineris answered a distress call from the Queen Maria Sophia at Mud. She joined the Metisian Republic starship Minerva in the rescue effort. The ship arrived in time for JT Austin‘s Falcon to land as it had run out of air and fuel.

After the Queen Maria Sophia returned to Compact hands, the Marineris made a port call to Amargosa. Admiral Burke went to get a debrief from Austin and Yamato on their findings. Davra Andraste had joined the crew at some point prior, likely during a stop at Tian before the ship reached Amargosa.

In 434, Admiral Burke, with the Marineris as her flag, responded to a security situation on Ares, one planet out from Tian. Something had been discovered in the ruins on that planet. A cryptic message from the Goldeneye, which gave no identification and traveled toward Tian at sublight speed, prompted Burke to intercept. Mitsuko Yamato had the ship while Suicide remained on Aphrodite.

After a disastrous mission to Boone's LandingAres, the Marineris chased ten spaceborne giant mechs. Several more had caused property damage on the surface while ten were able to get into space and burn down the well toward Aphrodite. The Marineris destroyed them and shifted its mission to supporting Mitsuko Yamato’s platoon from the Chief Iron Cloud in capturing Gerard Kurz.


Appearances: Gimme Shelter, Broken Skies, Flight Blade, Storming Amargosa, CheckmateRoyal Orders