Valles Marineris

Type:  Capital Ship

Class: Olympus Mons

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Service:    Navy

Captain: Admiral Eileen Burke, Force Admiral Quentin Austin, Force Admiral Howard Weihe


The Valles Marineris was an Olympus Mons-class capital ship frequently used as a flag by Eileen Burke during her tenure as a flag officer. In 429 IE, Force Admiral Quentin Austin took the Marineris to Amargosa in an ultimately failed attempt to take back the planet from the Gelt. The ship suffered heavy damage and massive casualties. However, the Compact and Hanar put together an operation to retake Amargosa, many crew demanded a chance to retake the partially repaired ship into battle with Austin in CNC. During the liberation, Force Admiral Howard Weihe assumed operation command of the ship. When Vice Admiral Burke and Austin went to the surface, Weihe took overall command of the Compact fleet until the arrival of Fleet Admiral Tran aboard the Challenger.

The Marineris once again served as Burke’s flag on a port call to Marilyn, secretly to arm a mission undertaken by Suicide and JT Austin to find Jayne Best, wife and chief of staff of Amargosan Governor Douglas Best. The Marineris then made a flag-flying call to the newly elevated Amargosa in 433 during which the younger Austin resigned his commission. More recently, Burke took the ship along on missions to Aphrodite and Hosh.



Beyond Amargosa, Storming Amargosa, Suicide Run, Royal Orders, Another Way to Die