Red was a sapient lycanth who helped organize the Northern Resistance. He and another sapient lycanth who eventually went by Spikey abducted Ellie Nardino in an effort to rally primates and other lycanths into an army against the Laral Family. The initially captured a Gelt named Sored when they learned Gelt could extrapolate languages.

As they built the Northern Resistance, a human fighter named Arvin attempted to assassinate Chapaan. The reaction from her inner circle was swift: Arvin had to die. Kamala, her human advisor, suggested a firing squad of two humans and two Gelt. A Warrior in Chapaan’s war council said a heat dish would be more appropriate, letting the ashes scatter to the wind. Red, however, led the lycanths in the pack in devouring Arvin as a traitor to the pack.

Red objected to Ellie’s aborted mission to make contact with the main resistance in the Central Plains. However, he seconded elevating Kamala to command in her absence.

Red was present at Riverside in the final march against Lucius Kray. As the resistance and liberation forces closed in on Kray, Red, along with the Marine named Kamala and Sored, insisted on accompanying Chapaan to the head of the line.

In 434, a dispute broke out between a Gelt village on that side of Amargosa and a pack that included his daughter Blackie. He summoned Ellie to mediate in her role as Chapaan. She was initially successful, but got caught in a later clash between the two sides. Blackie rescued her, but Red, who always felt protective of Ellie, voiced his disappointment with his daughter’s behavior.


Appearances: Storming Amargosa