Among Wolves

Among Wolves is a short novella originally available in the Ludicrous Speed Newsletter. It serves as a bridge story between Second Wave and Storming Amargosa. When Ellie Nardino is kidnapped during the events of Second Wave, she is believed dead. The lycanths who snatched her, however, have a different plan. Through a fellow captive, a Gelt settler named Sored, she learns these lycanths are sapient. Content to live apart from humans, they fear the Gelt newcomers and decide to fight back. They want a human to build their resistance. Soon, Ellie becomes Chapaan, taking her name from a goddess in a lurid Gelt myth. She will recruit lycanth, Gelt, and human as they wander the polar regions of Amargosa. By the time the liberation is in planning, she has become an even more feared warlord than Lucius Kray.

Preceded by: Second Wave

Followed by: Storming Amargosa