Transcontinental Maglev

The Transcontinental Maglev was a dual magnetic railway that stretched across Amargosa‘s inhabited continent. It wound through the Central Plains allowing farmers to send their crops to Lansdorp and Arcanum. The maglev was heavily damaged during the Gelt Incursion, but Eric Yuwono led Davra Andraste, Suvi Atall, Connor Duffy, and Ellie Nardino to the lowest subway level beneath Gene Cernan Spaceport to escape the fusion blast that destroyed Lansdorp. Davra then led the group through the tunnel to safety.

The trains had locomotives at the front and rear. These were robots with a dead man’s switch that required human attention at all times. Power came from the rail and in sections, so that one segment of maglev rail could function while others were damaged. The locomotives had enough intelligence to detect obstructions on the track and bring the train to a gradual stop.

The rail line had a major transit center beneath the village of Edoras in the Misty Mountains.

Appearances: Gimme ShelterThe Children of Amargosa