Lizzy Parker

Lizzy Parker (413-429 IE) was the daughter of John and Sarah Parker of Harlan Township, Amargosa. When he arrived, she found JT Austin fascinating as he was “a real Earth man.” However, she believed Earth to be a backward, filthy planet that JT must have been glad to leave.

When JT attempted to run away on a tractbot, she followed him and brought him back. She insisted he walk her back to the farm and suggested that would be their first date. He cautioned her that he was “a jerk,” but she countered that he could read and do math, better than most of the boys she had dated. The day before her sixteenth birthday, she lured him into kissing her, informing him that she wanted her first time with a man to be with an Earth man. He warned her off, stating he was a bad person.

Lizzy continued to drop hints to JT. On his sixteenth birthday, she followed him up to a nearby reservoir where he would spend the day alone. She found him skinny dipping, hid his clothes, and joined him over his protests. After a kiss, she insisted, since they were both sixteen, legal age of consent on Mars and her colonies, that JT make love to her. He accepted her birthday present.

Afterward, she asked JT if he would stay with her on Amargosa. He told her he was open to the idea, but he also corrected her on her misconceptions about Earth. She was with JT when Amargosa’s hypergate exploded and the Gelt incursion capsules fell from the sky.

She and JT fled back to the farm. Quan drove them into the township’s settlement intending for them to ride out the crisis. Lizzy changed her mind and ran back to the farm, telling JT she should be fighting alongside her parents.

Lizzy found her parents’ charred remains when she returned to the farm. She began fighting the Gelt soldiers raiding her farm. One Gelt attempted to rape her, though the differences in anatomy made that unclear until later. JT interrupted her attacker and killed him. She kicked the dead soldier until his head split open.

She and JT loaded a field wagon with weapons and supplies. They used it to flee to Walden, a property her father owned north of the Townships. While en route there, they saw the mushroom cloud from the fusion blast that destroyed Lansdorp. They also witnessed the destruction of Arcanum several hundred kilometers to the east of them.

Upon their arrival at Walden, Lizzy revealed that she wanted to take JT up to the cabin to live with him. JT said he would have gone had he known her intentions. They were unable to find any broadcasts or data feeds beyond amateur operators in search of news when they looked for updates on the invasion. They eventually did, however, pick up Major Furlong‘s broadcasts out of Susskind. They spent their first night at the cabin making love in a vain attempt to forget about the day’s horrors. Fearing they would be dead any day, she accepted a marriage proposal from JT.

The next morning, soldiers seized Walden. They turned out to be the beginnings of a resistance led by Quan, who promptly swore them into the Colonial Guard. Quan objected to JT’ss marriage proposal, but Lizzy defended him, saying they were adults, and that his position as her godfather did not give him permission to forbid anything. She then made him take a blood oath as was the custom of women on Elysium, her mother’s native world.

Lizzy agreed to marry JT within a day or two if he first promised to help her rebuild once Amargosa was liberated and to take her with him to get help if Farset‘s tale of projection drive ships were true. The pair witnessed the interrogation of a Gelt prisoner. They both confirmed Dr. Ran‘s theory that the prisoner was male, as evidenced by the hole in his tongue. Lizzy further related how a Gelt soldier attempted to rape her the day before.

When JT fainted, Dr. Ran gave him pills for horses to contain the marvo. Over Quan’s objections, she spent the night with JT, sleeping next to him to keep him comfortable. The following evening, she married JT in a Harvest Faith ceremony. Like her mother, she broke Harvest tradition and took Austin as her last name.

Later, on their wedding night, actually in the early hours of the next morning, she and JT sprung Farset to go looking for the pilot the prisoner had mentioned. Farset, however, tricked them into surrendering to Lucius Kray. The insurgents taunted JT and Lizzy, saying his mother was responsible for the war. Kray, however, intervened and assigned two insurgents to accompany them to find a former Navy pilot named Cui Yun, better known as Suicide.

Saja proved a physically abusive captor, hitting JT with her pistol. However, this only served to make JT more sarcastic. She forced him to take a side path to a Tesla coil to recharge the runabout they used to find Suicide. When JT threatened to kill Saja at the earliest opportunity, she pistol whipped Lizzy. They found Suicide shortly thereafter only to have the mysterious pilot shoot Saja and her escort both in the head. Suicide voiced displeasure at Farset’s presence. They bundled Farset back into their runabout. Suicide intended to lead them to the Misty Mountains but a battle wagon cut them off. During the battle, Lizzy shoved JT to the ground, shooting a Gelt attempting to stab him. A heat ray incinerated her.

Appearances: Gimme ShelterThe Children of Amargosa