Queen Maria Sophia

The Queen Maria Sophia, aka the Sophie, was a Compact of Humanity in Assembly Navy warship built by Bonaparte. JT Austin and Mitsuko Yamato served aboard her in 433 IE. Patty Friese was her executive officer.

During the mission to Mud, the ship was attacked and boarded by an unknown enemy led by a woman named Vernis. Mechs boarded the ship and began killing crewmembers. Austin and Yamato had to evacuate a royal party from Bonaparte that included the newly elevated King Edward. Despite ongoing sabotage by Chief Engineer Edith Peddig, Vernis was able to gain partial control of the ship for short periods, rotating the ship so the royal party could witness the destruction of the Marcus Aurelius. Vernis also locked down the hangar bay so no one could evacuate the ship.


Appearances: Checkmate