Queen Maria Sophia

Type:  Capital ship

Class:  Germanicus-class

Polity:  Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Service: Navy

Captain:  Zack Thalen (deceased), Patty Friese (acting, deceased)


The Queen Maria Sophia was one of two Germanicus-class starships commissioned by and built over Bonaparte. Her sister ship was the CNV Chief Iron Cloud. In 432 IE, she was stationed at Mud, a distant planet with a hyperdrone communication array seized by Realm forces. Garrison commander Edward Windsor called it a token battle as the two sides did little more than exchange artillery fire with few casualties.

The Sophie, as she was called, received party from the Court of Bonaparte tasked with informing Windsor he had acceded to the throne. During preparations for Windsor to hand off command and depart aboard the Marcus Aurelius, the latter ship was destroyed by what was initially thought to be a radical Cubist ship. The ship then seized the Sophie using hardened battle mechs. Captain Thalen was killed in the boarding, and First Officer Patty Friese died trying to get to the surface.

Windsor and Lt. JT Austin cut a deal with the Gelt garrison to use either the first Compact ship or first Realm ship to transport both sides to Hanar, technically neutral territory. The Valles Marineris, under command of Admiral Eileen Burke, arrived first, and teams led by Windsor and Mitsuko Yamato retook the Queen Maria Sophia.

The ship had to remain at Mud for some time while support ships made her spaceworthy again. Afterward, she put in at the Zeus Shipyards in the Helios and returned to service shortly thereafter.

The Queen Maria Sophia derived her name from Bonaparte’s first monarch.