Interstellar Era

The Interstellar Era is an epoch of the human solar calendar based on the date of the first interstellar flight by Sapiens native to Earth. The epoch prior is referred to as “AD,” or Anno Domini, based on the Gregorian Calendar in common use. This epoch was also referred to as “CE” or “the Common Era” in an attempt to remove religious connotations. As IE marked the beginning of a new epoch, AD returned to regular usage with its original meaning largely ignored by those not of Christian-based traditions. Prior to the AD epoch is a 10,000-year epoch referred to as BME or “Before Modern Epochs.” From 2000 years before the founding of the city of Jericho (well into Earth’s Late Stone Age), to the birth of Christ (which corresponds with the Roman Empire replacing the Roman Republic) marks the rise of civilization among Sapiens on Earth.

As of the beginning of No Marigolds in the Promised Land, the Interstellar Era had entered the year 429. By this point, the ancient month names based on Greek and Norse mythology and Roman notables had been replaced by the names of astronomers and notable Sapiens such as Nelson Mandela.