Spikey was a sapient lycanth from Amargosa and a founder of the Northern Resistance. He and another lycanth named Red abducted the Gelt Sored and Ellie Nardino in an effort to start a resistance against the Laral Family. He was instrumental in creating the legend of Chapaan around Ellie, which became a recruiting tool among Gelt while humans came to call her “the Ghost of the Amundsens.”

Spikey helped build the Northern Resistance. He became one of Chapaan‘s closest advisors and accompanied her on an aborted mission to reach the main resistance. When it became clear the Gelt garrison in Deming had expanded out as the summer season drew close, he agreed with Ellie Nardino to return to the “pack” and move on the city.

Eventually, the resistance retook Deming and burned it to the ground. They also coopted the Gelt-built mechs and began a march toward Riverside. They picked up settlers, stray resistance fighters, and even the Gelt and human garrisons at Arcanum.

Spikey helped rescue JT Austin and his crew when his Falcon crashed near Riverside during a fusion blast.

After the liberation, Spikey settled in the Amundsen foothills, occasionally staying at JT’s cabin. Eventually, Boolay took him on as an apprentice after noticing his skills fixing ground vehicles.


Appearances: Among Wolves, Storming AmargosaWinter Games