About TS Hottle


TS Hottle is a science fiction writer originally from Cleveland. By night, he writes, cooks, and fights with a cat named Tearyon.  Sometimes, he wins against the cat, but not often. By day, he is a software developer.

For fifteen years, he wrote crime fiction under the name Jim Winter. Now he has returned to his first love, science fiction He has created The Compact Universe, a series of loosely connected space opera tales centered around humans' disastrous first contact with a species known as the Gelt.

He lives in the Cincinnati suburb of Deer Park with his wife Candy. When not writing or cooking, they both can be found fixing up their  Cape Cod. Which has a deck. Which makes TS very happy.

TS Hottle in a jaunty hat

Royal Orders

Mitsuko Yamato is now head of security for the King of Bonaparte, her fiance Edward Windsor. When someone tries to blow up Edward on his first official visit to Earth and the Compact government, she goes on the warpath.

A deadly cult is responsible, spurred on by a madman named Kurz. To fight him, Mitsuko will enlist her mentor, Suicide, and the rest of the Children of Amargosa. They are headed for a fiery showdown on the steamy jungle world of Aphrodite.

No Marigolds in the Promised Land

The ultimate in social distancing: 40 light-years from the nearest human being.

That's John Farno's dilemma. While out between domes one night, someone destroys the terraforming world of Farigha. Farno finds his home, his friends, his world destroyed. Worse, there is no way off planet and no way to communicate across interstellar distances.

He begins with nothing but the contents of his rover. He will traverse the world looking for an intact dome, scavenging supplies, and dependent on an AI for companionship.

He will also learn he is the victim of the opening salvo in a war neither side wants.


Mud. Distant. Insignificant. Called something worse by the enemy Gelt.

Mud is a token battlefield in a reluctant war. But JT Austin, newly minted Navy pilot, discovers a very human enemy. Assigned to retrieve a shipmate who has elevated to royalty, he soon finds himself running for his life from a mechanized foe who slaughters his shipmates.

He will spirit away the royal party, fake their deaths, hide in the debris of a sister ship, and cut a deal with the enemy Gelt to escape.

But the traitor may actually be in his midst. And his surrogate mother Suicide may not be who he thinks she is.

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The Compact Universe and The Amargosa Trilogy are TS Hottle's science fiction universe, space opera in the grand tradition of Neal Asher, David Weber, and plenty of Game of Thrones thrown in for good measure. (Except for the dragons. For now.)