About TS Hottle


TS Hottle is a science fiction writer originally from Cleveland. By night, he writes, cooks, and fights with a cat named Tearyon.  Sometimes, he wins against the cat, but not often. By day, he is a software developer.

For fifteen years, he wrote crime fiction under the name Jim Winter. Now he has returned to his first love, science fiction He has created The Compact Universe, a series of loosely connected space opera tales centered around humans' disastrous first contact with a species known as the Gelt.

He lives in the Cincinnati suburb of Deer Park with his wife Candy. When not writing or cooking, they both can be found fixing up their  Cape Cod. Which has a deck. Which makes TS very happy.

TS Hottle in a jaunty hat

Breaking Liberty

Ellie Nardino finds a dazed and confused man wandering the forests of Amargosa's tundra. They soon learn he is the stricken former president of the Compact. To find out what happened to him, they will smuggle him to a clinic inside the Compact. Ellie is tasked with escorting the former president and Tishla, now working as a genetic researcher in an off-the-books mission. When their pilot betrays them, they'll have to survive a lawless colony to keep him away from those who want to kill him.

Chasing Eternity

Douglas Best is trying to do something not done in four centuries: Give humanity's oldest interstellar presence its own colonies. He has three worlds chosen.

But a shady GMO salesman has his own agenda. Soon, weapons of mass destruction go missing. Best is on the hook. His only hope is a cult to Marilyn Monroe.

But more is going on than just mishandled weapons. Colonies start going dark. Best is caught up in intrigue with the mysterious company called Juno.

Soon, he and his wife must ally with a rebellious Marilynist cleric to unravel a plot to control human evolution.

Suicide Gambit

Six years ago, Tishla helped Suicide liberate her homeworld. Now, Suicide must return the favor.

Fleeing a coup on Hanar, Tishla and her daughter crash land near Suicide's home on Amargosa. Two groups of separatist seek to undo all the work Tishla and her inner circle have done to build a world welcoming to all species. Now, she must go the Sovereign of the Realm, humanity's erstwhile enemy. There, she will submit to a life of servitude to save her people.

Suicide and JT Austin will take Tishla on her journey. But once there, an old enemy has a score he wants to settle. And he claims Tishla as his prize. To save Tishla, and Hanar, Suicide and JT will have to enter the arena. Either they will win back Tishla's freedom. Or they will die.

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The Compact Universe and The Amargosa Trilogy are TS Hottle's science fiction universe, space opera in the grand tradition of Neal Asher, David Weber, and plenty of Game of Thrones thrown in for good measure. (Except for the dragons. For now.)