Diana Jovann

Diana Jovann (died 430 Interstellar Era) was commander of the resistance during the Laral Occupation of Amargosa.  A native of Metis, she was the sister of Assistant Compact Attorney Athena Jovann.

When the Gelt Incursion began, she rallied Colonial Guard and volunteers to gather at Edoras in the Misty Mountains. When Yuwono’s party arrived and he was placed in the makeshift hospital, Jovann debriefed Davra Andraste about their trip aboard the maglev. While inspecting the alien vehicle Davra and the others brought back, she ordered her to take Duffy and Nardino to accompany Lieutenant Straker aboard the maglev. They were to take the maglev east to round up resistance fighters.

The night before Suicide’s planned assault on the Founders' Mine, Jovann sighted bright lights in the sky. They resembled the light put out by hypergates, indicating the arrival of projection drive vessels in orbit. With no word from the Navy, she ordered the village of Edoras evacuated and added her troops to the assault on Kray’s lair.

Once inside, the cornered Kray, who was now trapped between her own and Quan‘s troops and the invading force led by Suicide. She found JT sporting a bruise and massive cuts from a vacuum boot blow to the face. Kray, however, used a camouflage grenade to cover his escape.

After the insurgents surrendered, Jovann assumed command of the resistance using the Founders’ Mine as her headquarters. The morning after the mine had been secured, saucer-shaped colony transports descended from orbit, bringing civilian settlers and Gelt Warriors.

After the battle in orbit to retake Amargosa failed, Jovann established communications with the Ban Ki-moon, a starship that had fallen from orbit during the fighting but survived. She order Suicide to assemble a team to travel west, find a boat, and make direct contact with the crew.

JT Austin, Davra Andraste, and Eric Yuwono went after the team against orders, believing they belonged on the mission. Davra returned five months later and was arrested. Jovann informed her that she had considered a Section 11 execution for endangering those who had to search for them. However, Davra’s presentation of Laral Peteesh as a prisoner mitigated that. Jovann, Major Quan, and another officer dismissed some of the charges at Davra’s hearing and considered her captivity by the Gelt as time served.

Lucius Kray summoned Jovann to Riverside, a city that had been silent since the invasion. He had two conditions. Jovann would bring Davra Andraste and Rey Yuwono, and she would turn Laral Peteesh over to him. Jovann gave the orders and led a team on foot to Arcanum. During the march, two fighters were killed by an ursoid, which Peteesh in turn shot.

At Arcanum, Jovann got her first glimpse of the colony transport over the ruins of the city. The team took out a Gelt assault team before making contact with the Marine contingent under command of Major Hu Dingbang, There, some rumors about the Northern Resistance, including rebelling Gelt, were confirmed, with additional, but anecdotal, intelligence that lycanths had joined. Also, word came of the mysterious Chapaan, leader of the Northern Resistance, and stories that she actually was a teenage girl. Peteesh said the name came from a Gelt goddess myth.

Jovann was met by a team led by Tyler Wat, who secretly worked for her as a mole. They escorted her and her group to Riverside where Kray demonstrated a bio-weapon on a Gelt prisoner. The prisoner died instantly, but he also injected Davra Andraste with the toxin. It had no noticeable effect. Jovann warned Kray that this was illegal and he already faced numerous Section 11 charges. After witnessing a suicide bombing by a settler against a squad of Kray’s militia, she learned of the existence of explosive incendiary nanites. She was outraged when Kray kidnapped Davra and injected her with them.

She also refused to show solidarity with Kray when Laral Farad arrived in Riverside, particularly after Kray killed another Gelt prisoner with the biotoxin. She would not acknowledge Kray’s claim as leader of Amargosa. The ceasefire broke down after Davra killed two Warriors who tried to assault her. She ordered an evacuation from Riverside but was intercepted by Laral Farad. Farad ordered her incinerated by heat ray.


Appearances: The Children of AmargosaSecond WaveStorming Amargosa