Sored was a transported Gelt settler on Amargosa who served as a translator and aide to Chapaan, aka Ellie Nardino. He had been forcibly brought to Amargosa for not paying his tribute to the Laral family. Initially abducted by sapient lycanths in hopes he would extrapolate their language and translate for them. Trapped in a cave with Ellie Nardino, he learned Humanic quickly and explained how these lycanths were not wild, that the ones she knew they considered to be like apes. When the two leaders of the lycanth pack spoke with them later, Ellie learned they deliberate withdrew from the so-called “inhabited” continent (later dubbed Utopia Paradisia) to avoid conflict with humans after their arrival. The Gelt, Sored explained, worried them. They wanted an army and allies. Sored promised Ellie and the two leaders, whom Ellie dubbed Red and Spikey, there were disaffected Gelt on the planet as well. Not just settlers. Warriors had tired of the antics of the Laral Family.

As they began building what would become the Northern Resistance, Sored related the myth of Chapaan, whose religion he was raised in. Chapaan was a vengeful mother goddess who would devour those who threatened her children. If she particularly did not like a victim, they would not die in her belly but burn in fire for eternity. Ellie thought this a lurid tale, though no worse than the werewolf legends that gave the lycanths their Humanic name.

Sored, along with a woman named Kamala, a Marine served as advisors to Chapaan as she built the Northern Resistance. When Ellie temporarily left the resistance to make contact with the main resistance force, he accompanied her, but, along with Spikey, agreed to return after encountering a large Gelt force based in Deming.

Eventually, the resistance retook Deming and burned it to the ground. They also coopted the Gelt-built mechs and began a march toward Riverside. They picked up settlers, stray resistance fighters, and even the Gelt and human garrisons at Arcanum.

During the final confrontation with Lucius Kray, Sored, along with a Marine named Kamala and the sapient lycanth Red, Sored insisted on accompanying Chapaan to the head of the line, where Brendie Kray had already moved.


Appearances: Among Wolves, Storming Amargosa