Mech refers to a machine, usually primate-shaped, that can be used for difficult tasks or serve as walking combat drones. Many species independently developed mechs, including Sapiens and Gelt.

During the Laral Occupation of Amargosa, the Laral Family had factories in the city of Deming converted for mech production. However, the Northern Resistance hijacked the units before they could be deployed and integrated them into its forces. Mechs assisted in the defeat of warlord Lucius Kray during the Liberation of Amargosa.

In 433 IE, an unknown hostile from within the Compact attacked and boarded the Queen Maria Sophia, killing the captain and numerous crewmembers. These models had circular saws mounted on one arm that they used to dismember their victims. They could be disabled, however, with a stun weapon to the visor. Additonally, they proved susceptible to Gelt stun grenades, which Compact military forces used increasingly in the years following the Gelt Incursion.


Appearances: Storming AmargosaCheckmate