Warrior Caste

The Warrior Caste was the caste made up of career military officers in the Realm. “Warrior,” always capitalized in Humanic, served as both a title and a designation.

Warriors would depilate their scalps at the age of 12 (roughly equivalent of 15 in human development) and tattoo them with each promotion and battle. Scalp tattoos served as a record of a Warrior’s experience and rank.

Realm society revered bladed weapons. As such, all Warriors trained with swords and favored the weapons over firearms. They would use a heat ray to decimate enemies and kill the survivors with swords.

As of 430 IE, it had been a millennium since a Warrior had served as Sovereign of the Realm.

Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised Land, The Roots of WarThe Children of AmargosaTishla (novella)Second Wave, Among WolvesThe ExileFlight BladeStorming AmargosaSuicide RunCheckmate