Children of Amargosa – Group

The Children of Amargosa refers to six (later seven) individuals, all but one teenagers during the Laral Occupation of Amargosa. The first five had lived on Amargosa when the Gelt Incursion reached the planet. Two more were considered part of the group even though they had not all met in one place when those individuals died.

They include:

Davra Andraste: A native of Metis and former resident of Bromdar, she lived on Amargosa’s orbital station when the Gelt destroyed it. Reaching the surface in a lifepod, she helped lead refugees away from the shattered city of Lansdorp. She joined the resistance at Edoras. For three weeks, she was held captive aboard a Gelt Colony Transport, where she was made a domestic pet. She escaped and later helped bring down the human warlord Lucius Kray.

JT Austin: The runaway son of Tessa Dasarius who became stranded on Amargosa. He joined the resistance and later traveled to Hanar to participate in the Liberation of Amargosa. Austin married Lizzy Parker, who fled her family farm with him.

Eric Yuwono: A Youth Corps cadet at the time of invasion, Yuwono helped lead refugees out of Lansdorp after a fusion blast leveled it. He and four of the others discovered the Transcontinental Maglev stil running and took it to Edoras.. After surviving a gunshot wound from Lucius Kray‘s insurgents, he joined the resistance, later infiltrating Kray’s militia and helping bring him down.

Connor Duffy: A resident of Lansdorp, Duffy was an admitted pyromaniac with impressive technical skills. He devised the means by which the resistance communicated using ore seams to avoid broadcasting over the air. He traveled to Hanar and participated in the Liberation of Amargosa.

Ellie Nardino: Duffy’s childhood best friend and fellow techie and pyromaniac, her father served as wing commander for Amargosa. He was killed in front of her during the destruction of Lansdorp. Kidnapped by lycanths, she was believed killed. However, the animals were sapient lycanths who needed a human to rally other humans and disaffected Gelt. The three-species “pack” grew into the Northern Resistance. She headed this resistance as Chapaan, a name derived from Gelt mythology. The Northern Resistance ultimately killed Lucius Kray, finally ending the occupation.

Additionally, Suvi Atali and Lizzy Parker fought alongside the others before the group came together. Lizzy fled with JT Austin to her father’s cabin and was drafted into the resistance there. She married JT but died less than twenty-four hours later when she shoved him out of the firing line of a Heat Dish. Suvi also died by head dish while fighting alongside the other four on the trip to Edoras.

The original five came under the mentorship of a pilot who called herself Suicide, who came out of retirement to fight the invaders. Suicide would come to refer to them as her “children,” particularly JT, whom she called her son.

Additionally, Mitsuko Yamato, a special forces officer who trained Austin and Duffy on Hanar, joined during the Liberation of Amargosa.

Eventually, Lattus Tishla would be counted among them for her unflagging loyalty to Suicide and the original six.

Appearances: Gimme Shelter, The Children of Amargosa, Second Wave, Flight BladeStorming AmargosaSuicide RunCheckmateRoyal Orders