Ban Ki-moon

Type:  Capital ship

Class:  Woodrow Wilson

Polity:  Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Service:  Navy

Destroyed: 429 IE

Captain(s): Lt. Cmdr. Maurice Boko (acting)


The Ban Ki-moon was a Woodrow Wilson-class capital ship in operation until 429 IE. It participated in the first attempt by the Compact to retake Amargosa. Due to the rushed nature of the invasion, the flotilla had to make do with poor planning from command. As a result, Realm forces overwhelmed the task force, destroying half of the troop carriers and several support ships.

The Ban Ki-moon herself suffered catastrophic damage in orbit and fell into the atmosphere. A few crew members escaped in lifepods and made it to the surface of Amargosa. Most notably, a Lt. Tarak launched several pods from his post in the torpedo room before shooting himself off the ship. He landed in Edoras, in the Misty Mountains, where he took charge of the remaining resistance despite hip injuries.

The Moon survived its fall into Amargosa’s Western Ocean, though the captain and executive officer were killed. Command fell to Lt. Cmdr. Maurice Boko, who contacted any and all resistance he could find. A team under Suicide made their way to the Moon‘s crash site, but not before Lucius Kray arrived. At first, Boko did not know which resistance was legitimate, but Kray’s enthusiasm for vivisecting a Gelt prisoner tipped Boko toward the main resistance. The crew helped Suicide and two other team members escape with the prisoner, Tishla. They then fled the ship and scuttled it. Presumably, the survivors rode out the occupation on Nebraska Island.

The ship, like all Woodrow Wilson-class ships, derives its name from someone related to United Nations history, usually a Secretary-General. Ban Ki-moon of South Korea was the UN Secretary-General at the time Broken Skies was written.

Appearances: Broken Skies, Second WaveStorming Amargosa