Ban Ki-moon

The Ban Ki-moon was a Woodrow Wilson-class starship involved in the first attempt to retake Amargosa following its invasion during the Gelt Incursion. The task force attempted to shoot down a Gelt colony transport. However, the fleet soon found itself ambushed.. The Ban Ki-moon took severe damage as Realm vessels emerged from the debris left by the destruction of Amargosa’s hypergate and orbital station. The ship fell into the atmosphere and could not be rescued.

JT Austin and Davra Andraste witnessed the ship falling from orbit. It trailed debris that reached the ground as it passed over the Founders' Mine.

The ship, like all Woodrow Wilson-class ships, derives its name from someone related to United Nations history, usually a Secretary-General. Ban Ki-moon of South Korea was the UN Secretary-General at the time Broken Skies was written.

Appearances: Broken SkiesSecond Wave