Class: Mammalian

Order: Primate

Planet of origin:  Melekan

Current homeworld:  The Throneworld

Range:  The Realm, Metisian Republic, some unaligned worlds


The Gelt were a mammalian primate species native to a planet called Melekan. A series of rapidly occurring global catastrophes left the world uninhabitable. This led to the founding of the Realm, centered on a planet now called the Throneworld.

Gelt were tall, yellow-eyed, and bipedal with five digits at the end of each of their four limbs. Their skin was uniformly gray, with hair varied as white, yellow, and, with age, black. They had eight canines compared to most primate species usual four. Gelt also possessed an unusual sexual dimorphism. Whereas most mammalian primates evolved sex organs in their lower abdomen, but Gelt males inserted their tongues into the females’ navels to fertilize an egg.

Culturally, in the post-exodus period, the Gelt reverted to a neo-feudal society with Castes and a deified monarch called “the Sovereign,” with a ruling council known as the Seat of Supremacy, which also referred to the Sovereign’s throne.

Unlike most primates, Gelt considered holding high ground vulnerable to air attack. They preferred up close fighting with bladed weapons to artillery and slug weapons. They would use heat weapons to incinerate large numbers of any enemy troops to engage the survivors close range.

Although the Gelt evolved in a relative common primate arrangement, they did not directly evolve from reptiles through lower mammals. Instead, their evolutionary line includes a detour into bird analogs, which many scientists, including Gelt scientists, believe led to their tongue-and-navel dimorphism.

Once peaceful relations tentatively began, some sapiens described Gelt culture as a cross between Viking warrior and British absurdism.