Eric Yuwono

Eric Yuwono (born 414 IE), one of the Children of Amargosa - Group, was a resistance fighter during the Laral Occupation of Amargosa and a Cybercommand agent and analyst. Since shortly after Amargosa’s liberation, he had become the partner and fiancĂ© of Davra Andraste.

Childhood or Early Background

Yuwono was born to Rey Yuwono, a former Marine, Colonial Guard reservist, and farmer. Some time before 429, his mother either died or left his father. Eric seldom spoke of her. Showing more aptitude for the military than farming, Eric went to Lowell Academy in Lansdorp. He joined the Youth Corps‘s Marine track and expected to be sent to attend Hannibal Academy on Masada to earn his commission.

Some time in early 429, he met Davra Andraste for the first time. Developing an instant crush, he tried to recruit her for Youth Corps, which left her unimpressed.

Gelt Incursion of 429

As with all Youth Corps cadets, Yuwono went on active duty the night of the Gelt invasion. The Marines stationed him at Lake Anaronda, east of Lansdorp. There, he helped retrieve Davra Andraste from her lifepod. Under orders from his commander, Lt. Straker, he made for Lansdorp’s Gene Cernan Spaceport in hopes of getting her and a boy named Suvi aboard a projection-drive ship. They linked up with a pair of teenagers, Ellie Nardino and Connor Duffy. Nardino’s father was the wing commander at Cernan and had secured spots on the final Border Guard ship at the facility. However, the Gelt destroyed the ship before they could board. Moments later, a fusion blast destroyed Lansdorp. Yuwono used his training to get the others underground.

Led by an impatient Andraste, they marched through the Transcontinental Maglev tunnel only to fall prey to an attack by insurgents loyal to Lucius Kray. They escaped by pretending to be insurgents and were rescued by teams gathering refugees onto hovercraft headed for the Misty Mountains. That evening, after fending off a Gelt attack, the group abandoned the hovercraft and took over an abandoned maglev train headed for the mountains. Along the way they, salvaged a discarded Gelt battle wagon.

The train brought them to the Edoras Transit Center, inside the mountain beneath a tiny mining village, Edoras. A battle with more insurgents followed, foiled by Marines from the village above. Yuwono was wounded and taken to a makeshift infirmary. He spent most of the early invasion recuperated and was evacuated to the Founders' Mine when the resistance ousted Kray.

Mission to reach the Ban Ki-moon

Along with Davra and JT Austin, Eric disobeyed orders to join Suicide‘s mission to reach the Ban Ki-moon, a capital ship that crashed in the ocean during a failed liberation attempt. Colonel Diana Jovann ordered Suicide to take team to reach the survivors and possibly salvage supplies and weapons. The team included Duffy and Ellie, along with several Marines, Colonial Guard, and defecting insurgents. Additionally, a group of five former Polygamy Wars criminals joined, led by Tyler Wat.

Suicide expressed her anger with the three for disobeying orders, but Eric and JT climbed to Edoras on her orders to reach the resistance there. They discovered a Moon survivor named Tarak now led a ragtag group of office workers, miners, and farmers. Eric and JT showed them a back way to the Transit Center below that would later prove useful during the liberation.

Along the way, they picked up a Gelt woman Duffy dubbed “Trixie” and took her prisoner. She spoke no Humanic, and both JT and Eric proved hostile, but not cruel, to her. Davra scolded them both for being little better than Kray’s militia. Further down the maglev line, which they followed, Ellie Nardino disappeared. At the same rail station where Eric and the others had been picked up by the hovercraft, two of Wat’s men, Hauser and Cannon, attempted to rape Trixie. Davra killed Cannon. Suicide had Hauser and Davra tried by the entire unit, their fates put to a vote. They found Davra guilty and voted to exile her, which enraged Eric. Suicide shot Hauser in the head on a Section 11 verdict.

Eventually, after Trixie revealed herself to be a woman named Tishla, he relented, helping JT protect her. The team reached the Moon only to discover Kray had reached the ship first. After a confrontation aboard the Moon, Wat took Yuwono and the remaining team and pretended to defect. Suicide, Duffy, and JT rescued Tishla and left the planet with two Moon personnel. Eric then traveled as a mole in Kray’s insurgency, his story being he resented how father Rey had been treated after the resistance seized the Founders’ Mine.

Infiltrating Kray’s militia

Over the ensuing months, Eric worked his way into Kray’s militia, training with them at Riverside. When Kray perfected weaponizing the suicide toxin used by Gelt nobles and high-ranking officers, Eric tested it by going out in the field and shooting Warriors. For that reason, Kray sent for his father Rey when he offered a truce to Colonel Jovann.

The peace meeting also brought Davra to Riverside. Eric did his best to protect her, but Kray grew annoyed with her. The warlord first injected her with the toxin to demonstrate human immunity, then took Laral Peteesh prisoner as a gift for Laral Farad, the new lord of Cyal (Amargosa). When Davra tried to free Peteesh, Eric shot Laral, who killed her, and took Davra as he tried to escape the city. The incident set humans against Gelt. They ran through the night dodging firefights between three sides. After finding Riley, one of the Polygam War criminals, with a fusion device, they located Tyler Wat and evacuated the city. They made it out just as the fusion device exploded, destroying the city and killing Laral Farad.


As the blast wreaked havoc, the liberation of Amargosa began. Eric stayed with Wat, who broke his leg when the blast’s shockwave knocked him over. They sent Davra to go to one of the shuttles landing. Kray’s militia took him prisoner and killed Wat.

However, JT Austin and Mitsuko Yamato led teams infiltrating Kray’s rear as the Northern Resistance confronted him. Kray had Davra hostage, but freed and armed by JT, the pair menaced Kray. When Davra slipped free and injured Kray, they had to back off. Ellie Nardino, who turned out to be leader of the Northern Resistance, ordered sapient lycanths to eat Kray alive.


Radiation poisoning forced Eric to undergo Thulian rejuvenation to repair the damage. Davra went with him. Because they were underage, they had to discreetly satiate the exaggerated sexual cravings brought on by the treatment. While Davra went into the Navy, Eric rejected the Marines and went to work for his former commander, Quan, who now owned half of Lizzy Parker‘s farm with JT.

Cybercommand Career

Some time in 432, he was recruited by Cybercommand. Because of his experience infiltrating Kray’s militia, they fast-tracked him for field agent. In 433, he was detached to Admiral Eileen Burke to debrief JT Austin about the radical Cubist threat at Mud and Elizabeth Windsor‘s treason. A year later, Cybercommand assigned him to brief Mitsuko Yamato on Gerard Kurz and provide support as she raided the warlord on Aphrodite‘s Mt. Buxanshal.

Mission to Hosh

In 435, Yuwono earned his license to kill while chasing down remnants of JunoCorp. Most of his career to that point had been investigating bio-weapons engineered and supplied by the terrorist organization’s former corporate front. This earned him his license to kill.

Impressed with his performance, Black Ops Director Frumentarius gave him a cover as smuggler Cody Revix of Freezone and sent him to Hosh. With the assistance of Effie, a sapient AI aboard his personal Falcon, he tracked down a source for the remaining bio-weapons and obtained evidence one was used to disable President Baker ibn-Aziz. However, he also learned the broker, a Mr. Black, had stolen resurrection technology meant for wide distribution to be sold to the highest bidder. Black himself was an iteration of Caro, Eric’s first assassination as an agent. Caro found Black Ops’ local command center and bombed it, killing Frumentarius and his assistant.

By then, Eric had summoned Suicide and the other Children of Amargosa, including a strike team led by Mitsuko Windsor. They managed to defeat Caro, who escaped, but had to stage a coup against Hosh’s president. As Caro’s female clones came from President Cassan, they activated one, downloaded the core personality and Effie into it, effectively making Effie president.

At the end of the mission, Eric had to drop into the ocean and lost his foot to a local predator, a sea bull. Davra Andraste rescued him but made him promise he would go into Analysis, which was less risky. He agreed.

Personal Life

Yuwono grew up with a sense of duty learned from his father. However, while his father fell in with Lucius Kray initially, Eric heeded the call to active duty the night the Gelt invaded. Eric’s mother died or left before 429.

Davra Andraste: Eric met Davra Andraste when she visited Lowell Academy in early 429. Instantly smitten, he tried to lure her to the planetside school by making a recruitment pitch for Youth Corps. She was not impressed.

During the first days of the invasion, Eric’s unit rescued her from her lifepod, which landed in a lake. From that point until he became wounded at the Edoras Transit Center, he tried to protect Davra, who seemed to have no trouble protecting herself. After recuperation, he scolded JT Austin for bringing her along in their unauthorized attempt to join Suicide’s mission to reach the Ban Ki-moon. When Davra was tried for murdering the former radical polygamist Cannon, he had no idea she had been taken prisoner. However, upon their reunion in Riverside, he all but blew his cover to get her out of the city before Kray could kill her.

Both taken prisoner by Kray in the liberation’s final hours, Eric was freed by JT and Mitsuko Yamato. The closed in on the warlord from behind as he confronted first his ex-wife, then Tishla, and finally Chapaan, who turned out to be the not-so-dead Ellie Nardino.

Despite her being underage, they became intimate at the original Thulian Clinic on Amargosa. While they both admitted it had been possible in Riverside if circumstances permitted, their sexual union stemmed more from intense appetites, which also included hunger and thirst, caused be their permanent rejuvenation. Eric underwent the treatment to reverse severe radiation poisoning.

When Davra joined the Compact Navy, she and Eric maintained a long-distance relationship. This became easier once Eric joined Cybercommand as both now called Tian their home. They also crossed paths on various postings.

In 435, Davra expressed trepidation that Eric might have to use sex to maintain cover. Between a near-miss on the Hosh mission and the loss of his leg, she demanded he switch to Analysis, which would keep him in the office more and give them both a stable home when off duty. While Eric’s leg regenerated, they took shore leave at JT’s cabin, Walden. Eric frequently offered to carry their first child so Davra could pursue her Naval career.

Rey Yuwono: Eric did not have a particularly close relationship with his father in the absence of his mother. He never expressed an opinion about Rey’s capture by the main resistance after they drove Kray out of the Founders’ Mine. However, Rey begged Davra to get his son out of Riverside before Kray uncovered the ruse Eric had joined the warlord. After Rey’s death during the evacuation of the city, Eric never said anything, although he suggested to Davra they might name a son “Samuel Rey” after both their fathers.

Diana Jovann: Jovann was Eric’s advisor at Lowell Academy before the invasion. Her input may have played a role in his decision not to join Kray like his father. He infuriated Jovann, however, when he, Davra, and JT left the Mine against orders to join up with Suicide. However, she was aware of Tyler Wat’s infiltration of Kray’s militia and briefed Davra on it before they left for Riverside. The death of Jovann, which Eric attributed to the blast instead of Laral Farad, angered him.

Admiral Eileen Burke: Burke may or may not have played a role in Eric’s recruitment in Cybercommand. She frequently worked with G-5 Zhong, and may have suggested it. During his career, Eric became one of Burke’s preferred Cybercommand agents, along with Weiss, who doubled as a senior security officer aboard the Challenger. She also informed both Davra and Eric separately that she counted on the couple to share classified pillow talk.

Mitsuko Yamato: Eric met Mitsuko Yamato (later Windsor) on Amargosa while he was a Kray’s prisoner. Mitsuko, Connor Duffy, and JT Austin freed him, and JT and Eric boxed in Kray during the final confrontation. For several years afterward, the two were not particularly close. She often would attend briefings assigned to Eric, most notably debriefs concerning Mud and the hijacking of the Queen Maria Sophia. In 434, he directly briefed Mitsuko on everything Cybercommand had on Gerard Kurz and the mechs he used in an attack on Boone's Landing, Ares. Additionally, he and Connor Duffy provided support from orbit during Mitsuko’s assault on Kurz’s position atop Mt. Buxanshal. In 435, she assisted Eric in his mission to Hosh, including the raid of Caro’s lair and the engineered coup against President Cassan.

Scully: Scully knew Eric from his earliest days in Cybercommand and its Black Ops Division. She considered him a kid even after he obtained his license to kill. However, her estimation of him went up after an explosion destroyed the temporary command post on Hosh.

Bio Capsule:

Species: Sapiens

Birth Year: 414 IE

Birth Place: Central Plains, Amargosa

Homeworld: Tian, Helios, Compact

Service: Cybercommand: Recruited 432, commissioned same; O-2 by 433; O-3 and field agent trainee, 434; black ops field agent, licensed to kill, and analyst, 435


Father: Rey Yuwono

Partner: Davra Andraste


The Children of Amargosa, Second Wave, Among Wolves, Storming Amargosa, Suicide Run, Checkmate, Royal Orders, Another Way to Die