Eric Yuwono

Eric Yuwono (born 414 IE was a resistance fighter during the Laral Occupation of Amargosa. His father was a sergeant in Amargosa’s Colonial Guard while his mother worked on Earth at the Compact Security Council. At the time of the Gelt Incursion, Yuwono was a Youth Corps eyeing a career in the Marines. The morning following the initial invasion, he helped rescue Davra Andraste from a group of frightened and angry villagers who believed she was an alien. The two, however, had met previously when Davra visited the planet.

Yuwono escorted Davra to Gene Cernan Spaceport, dodging aerial bombing. They took a young boy named Suvi under their protection along the way. As they commandeered a vehicle, he revealed he had never manually driven a vehicle before.

He saved Davra, Suvi, Connor Duffy, and Ellie Nardino from the fusion blast that destroyed Lansdorp by fleeing to the subway system under the spaceport. However, it was Davra who led the group through it. Upon emerging from the tunnel, they boarded a disabled maglev train. One of the passengers informed Yuwono that he was the first authority figure they had seen since the invasion began. Others expressed surprise that Lansdorp had been fusion bombed. Yuwono decided, and Davra agreed, as de facto leaders of their group, that they should lead the passengers at daylight out of the tunnel and walk to the Misty Mountains.

Yuwono took it personally when Davra led the others and some of the passengers out of the disabled car. He took charge, however, when they reached a rail station on a foothill above Lansdorp. There, he and Duffy pretended to take Davra and Ellie hostage with Suvi acting as a child soldier. They needed to escape renegade fighters who began shooting the passengers to take food away from them. They were rescued by Colonial Guard and volunteers and taken aboard a hover tram.

On board, he tried to explain a Section 11 execution Davra had witnessed only to have Lieutenant Straker explain it. Minutes later, Yuwono armed and led his group, including Davra, into their first battle against the Gelt.

Later that evening, Davra and the others announced they would head for the nearby maglev rail line to see if the train would get them to Edoras faster. Yuwono had anticipated their plan and scavenged weapons for the trip. He went with them. Once they learned the maglev rail had power and Duffy discovered the locomotive was a robot with a dead man’s switch, Yuwono was able to move the train toward Edoras. He took an early shift along with Davra driving the train. While he slept after the shift, the train stopped due to an obstruction on the rail. He and Davra went out to investigate. They discovered a Gelt battle wagon abandoned on the track. They were able to start it and drive it back to the train.

When the train entered the tunnel, Ellie had a panic attack, revealing severe claustrophobia. She fled the train when they emerged into the Edoras Transit Center and had a nervous breakdown. While Davra calmed her down, he and Duffy explored the transit center. Insurgents loyal to Lucius Kray emerged and tried to take them hostage. Colonial Guard arrived from the village above the mountain and neutralized them, but not before Yuwono was shot. Escorted by the resistance up to Edoras, Yuwono and the others met the head of the resistance, Diana Jovann.

Eric joined the others at the Founders' Mine after the main resistance seized it. He took a week to recover from his concussion and wounds before assuming the role of instructor for the civilian recruits in firearms. He and JT Austin voiced doubt about the newcomers’ skills. Yuwono complained when Suicide opted to leave him behind during the mission to contact the Ban Ki-moon. He told Austin he had a plan to go anyway. Austin agreed to go along with it on condition Yuwono did not tell Davra. Yuwono was shocked JT brought her along anyway, but the pair called him out on his crush on her. Later that first night, they encountered a pack of lycanths that acted somewhat intelligent.

They camped out in the village where JT met Dr. Yaris Ran originally before following the maglev mainitenance road. Within sight of the Edoras Transit Center, they were taken into custody by Tyler Wat and brought before Suicide. Suicide expressed anger at their disobeidience but did not send them back to the Founders’ Mine. Partly to get them out of her hair, and partly to make contact with any remaining resistance in Edoras, she ordered Yuwono and JT Austin to climb the stairs from the Transit Center to Edoras to make contact. Halfway up, they met armed resistance and surrendered. The soldiers took them up to Edoras to meet Lieutenant Tarak for questioning.

JT and Eric briefed Tarak, who in turn related his fall from orbit and his resistance effort. The lieutenant showed them where the resistance cell attacked Gelt settlements near the mountain. They helped him locate the entrance to the copper mind and found their way back down to the Transit Center.

Once underway, JT and Eric pulled guard duty while the team camped by day. They ambushed a Gelt vehicle traveling along the maintenance road, killing the two males up front. A female escaped. JT sensed the female wanted to protect someone and took her prisoner rather than killing her outright. She surrendered, offering her knife to him. Back in camp, he turned her over to Suicide. Duffy named the prisoner “Trixie” as she did not speak Humanic. The woman appeared not to appreciate the name. Eric later suggested shooting her, which both JT and Davra did not approve of.

After the team secured a pair of bat wagons, Yuwono rode to the maglev station overlooking the ruins of Lansdorp. During a stop, JT Austin shared a bottle of whiskey with him and Duffy, intending to get Duffy drunk as he grieved for Ellie Nardino.

When Davra killed Cannon for trying to rape Trixie, she had to face, along with Hauser, a Section 11 hearing before the entire team. Suicide made him choose between going back to the Founders’ Mine or participating in the hearing. After Davra went into exile and Hauser died by Suicide’s hand, he confronted Trixie, threatening to physically assault her. JT pulled him off. The next day, as JT brought Trixie to the front of the column, Yuwono proved to be more sympathetic. They soon had to climb through the disabled maglev past dead bodies. The resemblance of skeletonized Gelt to humans unsettled him.

Upon finding the bunker, Yuwono attempted to use his cadet credentials to enter. However, he was unsuccessful, as was Connor Duffy’s attempts to hack the door. An exposed entry panel allowed Suicide to use her own credentials to enter. However, a squad of Marines inside intercepted them.

The team met Governor Anton Croix, who demanded an invasive examination of Trixie, who turned out to be a Gelt woman named Tishla. He then attempted to scuttle the mission to reach the Ban Ki-moon. Suicide refused and, with Tyler Wat, broke out of the bunker. They liberated Tishla and raided the armory. As they pillaged the armory for ammo, explosives, and hacking equipment, Tishla asked why humans blew up Lansdorp. Yuwono stated he didn’t know, but that the fusion blast wasn’t that big, considering that he, Duffy, Nardino, and Andraste survived it. Tishla commented that humans were almost as insane as Gelt.

The team encountered a collapsed maglev bridge beyond Lansdorp. Footpaths used during construction still existed. Eric explained that most of the bridges had been bombed the first day of the invasion, one while he and Davra were still on it. The team used the paths to transfer supplies across the river. He, Duffy, and Tishla saved JT Austin from falling off the opposite cliff when the ground gave way beneath him.

During the final leg of the trip to the Ban Ki-moon, aboard a salvaged fishing boat, it came out that Yuwono was phobic of large bodies of water, a problem that did not reoccur in later years. He remained behind as Suicide took JT, Tishla, and the Marine Jiang to the Ban Ki-moon. She returned with JT upon learning Kray’s intention to seize the ship. She ordered Yuwono to remain behind under Tyler Wat’s command and pretend to defect to Kray’s cause. As Kray came aboard the fishing boat, Yuwono saw the Ban Ki-moon scuttled.

Yuwono accompanied Tyler and his company of moles to Riverside, pretending to defect. He said he switched sides because “Suicide abandoned us” and the resistance still held his father. During a mission to escort Colonel Jovann to a meeting with Kray, He reunited with his father, but also reunited with Davra. She showed anger over his presence, but he explained he was there on Jovann’s orders. Once they talked things out, they kissed for the first time. He eventually admitted to Davra that he was a mole for Jovann. Later, however, Davra slapped him, saying that his mission condemned her to death as Kray injected her with incendiary nanites.

When Laral Farad went looking for Peteesh, the widow of his late cousin, he found Davra held with Peteesh. Laral had just killed Peteesh with the suicide toxin meant for him. Yuwono shot and killed Laral’s aide Ponax, shot Laral in the knee, and killed his escort from Kray before fleeing with Davra. They spent the night attempting to reunite with Colonel, or rather General, Jovann. However, they stumbled onto Riley, who lay drunk in a basement where Kray had stashed a fusion warhead. Riley warned them he would detonate this to end the war, but they needed to flee the city. They ran.

They located Tyler Wat and warned him of the pending explosion. As Wat also heard of Jovann’s death at the same time, he assumed command of both Kray’s remaining forces and the resistance and ordered everyone out of the city. Wat led them up the mountain north of the city in an effort to get on its backside, which would shield them from the blast. On the peak, they spotted Kray setting up camp in the shadow of the mountain. They also ran into an army of mechs, herded by what appeared to be lycanths, marching up the mountain. Eric and Davra ran toward them, warning them off.

The blast flattened Yuwono, giving him a severe dose of radiation. Davra, Boone, and Wat also were knocked down the back of the mountain. While tending Wat’s broken thigh, they spotted the camps of both Kray’s militia and the Northern Resistance. Wat ordered Yuwono and Davra to make for the Northern Resistance’s position. Yuwono refused, staying with Wat. Davra went. Yuwono was taken prisoner by Kray’s people along with Wat and Boone.

A team led by JT Austin rescued Yuwono during the final battle between Kray and the Northern Resistance. He explained that Kray had killed Tyler Wat, wounded Boone, and now held Davra hostage as his Brendie Kray confronted him. Together with Duffy, Mitsuko Yamato, and Admirals Burke and Austin, they moved to bring down Kray from behind. They came up on him as Kray held Davra hostage and confronted his ex-wifeChapaan, and Lattus Tishla. When Yuwono threatened to shoot Kray, Davra slipped free, grabbed the warlord’s sidearm and shot him. Yuwono and JT pulled Davra off of him as Tishla emerged to inform him of Amargosa’s fate, which included charges against him. They could not stop Kray from pulling a hidden weapon to shoot Tishla.

After the cease-fire, Yuwono was taken to the new Thulian Clinic for amortality treatment to reverse the radiation poisoning received in Riverside’s destruction. Upon completing his rejvenation, he resigned from the Marines. The Corps promoted him to sergeant upon discharge. He also received the Compact Medal of Honor and the Order of Hanar. After discharge, Yuwono became a bot wrangler on Lizzy’s Farm, the former Parker family farm now owned by Quan and JT. Later that year, Cybercommand recruited him. He continued to work on the farm between training stints and just before his first posting, a cruise under O-4 Weiss aboard the Challenger.


Appearances: The Children of Amargosa, Second Wave, Storming AmargosaSuicide Run