Storming Amargosa

Storming Amargosa is the thirteenth book in the Compact Universe series and the conclusion to both the original Amargosa arc, consisting of the Seeds of War, Homefront, and Gathering Storm arcs, and the Amargosa Trilogy itself.

Storming AmargosaThe liberation of Amargosa is on, a joint operation with the Compact and newly independent Hanar.

  • Davra Andraste travels with Colonel Jovann to Riverside to confront both renegade warlord Lucius Kray and Amargosa’s new overlord.
  • Laral Farad tries to contain and pacify Amargosa after the suicide of his uncle, Jorl, and assassination of his cousin, Umish.
  • JT Austin trains on Hanar to fly an assault shuttle in the coming liberation.
  • Marcus Leitman is about to bring five centuries of planning to fruition as he manipulates the Compact at its highest levels, but he may be foiled by the oldest human alive, Tol Germanicus.

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