Tishla’s Journey

blank book coverTishla’s Journey is Book 2 of the Beyond Amargosa Arc.

Tishla starts out indentured to her childhood best friend, Kai, in exchange for her education in genetics. When an alien comes along offering a solution to their famine problem, they accept. Soon, they are swept into an illegal war with a species called “human.” When Kai learns the truth, he sends her away to human space, unknowingly pregnant. The act also renders her his wife and keeps her out of danger. Only Kai is killed, and Tishla, as his children’s mother, inherits his claim to the stolen colony.

She returns to offer the humans a deal: They can rebuild with her, or they can kill her as punishment. A fragile peace ensues. Tishla will survive a murder attempt, lose one of her twins, and find unexpected allies on a mission of revenge on a planet called Amargosa.


Beyond Amargosa

Tishla’s Journey

Chasing Eternity