Edward Windsor

Lt. Cmdr. Edward Windsor, also known as Prince Edward or Edward, Duke of Windsor, was a Navy Special Forces officer and heir to the Throne of Napoleon on Bonaparte. As the House of Windsor followed the House of Yamato on the core world’s throne, Windsor became king upon the passing or abdication of King Yanuhito in 433 IE.

Windsor had three siblings: brother Alexander, sister Elizabeth, brother Archie, and youngest sister Victoria, called Tori both in public and by the family. Of the four, Alexander proved prone to scandal and more enamored with his royal status than the rest of the family. On the other hand, youngest brother Archie disdained his status, refused to use his titles away from Bonaparte, and intended to retire to a non-monarchist world when his Marine career ended. Elizabeth once served as an enlistee in Cybercommand.

As a Special Forces officer, Windsor knew Mitsuko Yamato well, both as the king’s grandneice and as a Special Forces officer. He confided to her that he could marry one of the terraforming crew as long as she could produce an heir to restart the Windsor line after he became king.

During the Liberation of Amargosa, Windsor’s Special Forces unit flew with Giddeus Modesto. They landed near the town of Wakita, in the shadow of a Gelt colony transport. The transport had weapons beneath it, pinning them down.

Some time after the liberation, Windsor left the Navy and was created “Duke of Windsor” in anticipation of his accession to the Throne of Napoleon. However, he would later return to the Navy as the war with the Realm. During this time, he proposed to Mitsuko Yamato. She accepted, though he also asked her to take command of the Sappers, the House of Windsor’s division of the Household Guards. They would be elevated to Navy Special Forces status in 432.

While stationed on Mud in 433, Windsor heard about King Yanuhito‘s passing. He immediately became Edward I of Bonaparte. Mitsuko formally notified him while JT Austin less formally told him to get his “ass on the shuttle.” He granted a field promotion to Lieutenant Handley, making him a lieutenant commander to take over garrison.

During the evacuation, Edward took command briefly of his own royal party to escape. However, Mitsuko persuaded him to pass command to her, with JT taking command once they left the ship. In her estimation, he was too high value a target to be in active command. That did not, however, prevent him from arming and actively shotting at mechs and drones as they escaped to JT’s Falcon, the CJC-1967. On board the Falcon, he witnessed the destruction of the Marcus Aurelius and learned the terrorist Vernis wanted him to leave with her. He refused.

He helped Austin and Mitsuko rig spider drones to disrupt the invading mechs. This gave Chief Engineer Peddig time to jettison the EM drive reactor and reboot the Sophie‘s systems. Austin and Friese got their Falcons off, but Vernis’s ship destroyed Friese’s, killing the first office and all aboard. Austin had them fake the CJC-1967‘s destruction so they could hide until Vernis’s ship passed beyond weapons range. He and Austin then hatched a plan to make a deal with the Gelt garrison to get to Hanar, technically neutral territory. Austin did not appreciate Edward referring to the First Citizen as his girlfriend, particularly when Stephanie Mercado had been killed only minutes earlier.

After a rough landing, JT met with Gelt commander Bravax Ran to negotiate a deal. Whoever’s side arrived first would accept the other’s surrender in exchange for passage to Hanar. Windsor interrupted the meeting to sweeten the deal by offering himself as a high-value hostage should the Realm‘s ship arrive first. He then would have to convince Handley.

He had to order Handley to go along with the plan when the lieutenant objective. He also voiced anger with Elizabeth when she revealed Cybercommand‘s interest in the planet. The fort protected by the Gelt garrison, as well as other hidden relics, along with a short fossil record beneath the surface, indicated the species who terraformed Ares also attempted terraforming Mud.


Appearances: Flight Blade, Storming Amargosa, Suicide RunCheckmate