Suvi Atall (419-429 IE) was a boy orphaned in the Lake Anaronda area on Amargosa during the Gelt Incursion. Eric Yuwono and Davra Andraste took him with them as they fled toward Gene Cernan Spaceport. He survived the fusion blast that leveled Lansdorp when Yuwono led him, Davra, Ellie Nardino, and Connor Duffy underground. During the walk through the pitch black tunnel, he warned the others of squonks, rodent-like creatures that tended to bite.

When Davra witnessed a Section 11 execution performed by Lieutenant Straker, Suvi planted himself between Davra and the lieutenant when the latter came to speak with her. Not long afterward, the ten-year-old picked up his first weapon following Eric Yuwono into battle. As the group fought the Gelt, he was incinerated by heat ray.

Appearances: The Children of Amargosa