The Laputans were a species of tall primate. Their preferred method of first contact tended to be war, at least with the Realm and the Compact.

Laputan culture taught that their species sprang into being seven thousand years before when they were created by Unseen, their universal concept of God. Indeed, the fossil record of the Laputan species only dates back seven millennia. Lattus Tishla theorized that an unknown species, possibly those who transplanted Neanderthals to Gohem, used Sapiens as a base species to hybridize with others, including the Qorori and the Gelt to create the Laputans. Many non-Laputant geneticists, which Tishla originally trained to be, shared this theory.

Laputans had golden skin and stood roughly 6 1/2 feet to 9 feet tall, earning them the name “golden giants.” Notable Laputans included Delda Rallis and Jeris Mar.

Appearances: The Roots of WarTishla