Class: mammal

Order: Primate

Planet of origin: Laput

Current homeworld: Laput

Range: Laputan Guardianship, Hanar


Laputans were a primate species native to Laput, a Class-E world. Golden skinned and averaging between 2 and 2.8 meters in height, they were remarkably human-like. Their genetic structure clearly marked them is an independent species, but studies of their genetics revealed the nucleic acids to be manufactured to accommodate human DNA as a base with genetic material from Gelt, Qorori, and even Zaran.

Laputan society evolved into a hereditary monarchy, with the controlling entities being guilds, similar to Gelt Castes, but simultaneously more rigid and more flexible. As they became a spacefaring race, they developed a custom of fighting “wars of first contact,” where they would attack a new species, find their strengths and weaknesses, and establish rules of engagement. The ensuing peace treaties would then establish trade and technological exchanges. Humans first encountered Laputans in 414 IE, after which, Laputans offered assistance in upgrading Compact of Humanity in Assembly weapons systems and granted access to Armaneya, the orbital port above Ramcat and entry point for the Laputan Guardianship’s hypergate network.

Because Laputans were created rather than evolved, the species’s own fossil record dates back only 7000 years. The progenitor race and possibly the humans used to spawn the new species, left tales of “a world in Heaven” known as “Idem.” Idem was identified as orbiting Sol. However, fundamentalists in Laputans’ religion believe the Unseen created them 7000 years ago and that lesser races evolved.



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