Edoras was a mountaintop village in the Misty Mountains of Amargosa. As the name of the mountain range existed in, among other sources, The Lord of the Rings and related works by JRR Tolkien, settlers coopted the name of the city from there, though the village had no horses*. A mining village, it also became a center for the resistance.

Lieutenant Straker and Eric Yuwono both intended to reach Edoras in hopes of regrouping and learning the situation on the rest of Amargosa.

During the mission to reach the Ban Ki-moonSuicide sent Yuwono and JT Austin up from the Edoras Transit Center to make contact with any remaining resistance in the village. There, they met Lieutenant Tarak, a surviving crewmember of the Ban Ki-moon who took charge of the refugees left there. The village appeared abandoned, but the inhabitants had concealed themselves after Colonel Jovann relocated to the Founders' Mine.

*Also, no Wormtongue. But a lot of gosalope.

Appearances: The Children of Amargosa