Brendie Kray

Brendie Kray was the wife of Lucius Kray. They met and married during the Polygamy Wars when Lucius liberated her from a forced marriage. A submissive person, she waited hand and foot on her husband. She also harbored an intense jealousy toward Saja, Lucius’s deputy.

During the Liberation of Amargosa, Brendie joined the Northern Resistance in hopes she would be the one to kill her ex-husband. In the final confrontation with the warlord, she moved to the front of the mech line to face Kray. It was a stalling tactic, but she hoped to kill Lucius. Her confrontation, however, served to keep Kray occupied as Chapaan and Lattus Tishla made their way forward to arrest him. She ranted about how he abandoned her for Saja, leaving her to fend for herself. He then revealed that Chapaan was, in fact, a 15-year-old girl. At that point, Chapaan emerged in her trademark hood and began reciting the charges against Kray.


Appearances: Gimme ShelterStorming Amargosa