Boone was a former Goshenite who accompanied Tyler Wat on the mission to reach the Ban Ki-moon. Unlike the others in Wat’s crew, Boone never served time for his crimes and was considered a fugitive. He also lost his voice in the Polygamy Wars and was mute by the time of the Gelt Incursion.

Though he would flee custody, he was among those arrested at the Battle of New Kirtland, which ended the Polygamy Wars. Lucius Kray oversaw his arrest.

On Amargosa, he acted as a second to Wat and cooperated more with Suicide than Hauser, Cannon, and Riley. With Riley, he was one of two survivors under what, Cannon killed by Davra Andraste during the attempted rape of Tishla. Hauser died by Section 11 execution for that same rape attempt.

Of all the ex-Goshenites, Boone seemed the most reasonable to the rest of the team. Wat tended to count on him to maintain discipline. Boone also kept Riley from harassing Tishla when JT would go off scouting. When Suicide escaped Amargosa with JT Austin and Connor Duffy, Boone, along with Riley, Eric Yuwono, and others defected to Kray’s militia as moles for the resistance.

He went on the mission to meet Colonel Jovann‘s group ahead of their meeting with Kray. When the ceasefire collapsed, he helped Wat evacuate the human troops from the city before a fusion warhead could be detonated.

Like the rest of those fleeing with him, Boone was flattened by the blast, absorbing radiation, but otherwise surviving intact. He and Eric Yuwono stayed with Wat, who suffered a broken thigh, while Davra made for a Northern Resistance camp they spotted. Boone, Wat, and Yuwono were captured by Kray’s remaining militia. Kray shot him, but did not kill him. He was rescued by JT Austin and Mitsuko Yamato.

For his service, he was pardoned of his war crimes, his time under occupation considered sentence enough. He went to work for Amargosa’s provisional government. In 433, Mitsuko and JT Austin recruited him to escort King Edward‘s part to the Thulian Clinic. During the trip, he first saw Elizabeth Windsor attempt to self-detonate and texted a warning to JT. Queen Reiko. When Elizabeth held everyone at bay, she fell victim to an Etruscan stun wand secreted by Queen Reiko.


Appearances: Second Wave, Storming Amargosa, Suicide RunCheckmate