Dasarius Interstellar

Dasarius Interstellar was a vast corporation that built most FTL-capable ships within the Compact. It also held a near monopoly over hypergate and projection drive technologies. Its CFO and Number Two executive was Tol Germanicus

Magna Piori, an accounting executive for the company, participated in the investigation into the loss of the Etrusca Explorer, which was ferrying seven fusion weapons extracted for the Navy from Marilyn.

Lucius Kray revealed that Dasarius owned JunoCorp and that their employee, Marcus Leitman, met with Laral family agents to arrange the invasions of FarighaGilead, and Amargosa.

Dasarius shut down Hatch, the subsidiary that purchased JunoCorp, in an effort to dissolve Juno itself. However, the company’s size and complexity, often described as being a virtual Constituent Authority, meant that Juno’s tentacles would prove hard to track and remove. Germanicus actively supported the investigation begun by Quentin Austin and subsequently taken over by Douglas Best.

Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised Land, The MarilynistsGimme ShelterThe Children of AmargosaBroken SkiesWarpedSecond WaveThe Amortals