Type: Capital ship

Class: Germanicus ClassGermanicus class, Type II

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly, Metisian Republic

Service:  Navy, Metisian Navy

Captain: Macha Bellona


The Bova was a Type II Germanicus-class starship commissioned by Metis and launched some time between 430 and 432 IE. Though the same class as her sister ship, the Minerva, it was considerably larger, having more in common with the Augustus Caesar class commissioned by Etrusca during this timeframe.

The Bova ferried Amargosan Governor Douglas Best and Governor-General Athena Jovann to Farigha when evidence surfaced of Compact involvement with the assassination of Sansar Aryanna, who had briefly been Sovereign of the Realm. This prompted Amargosa and Farigha to join Metis in seceding from the Compact. The Bova then took Suicide and her team to Thule to get Jayne Best the care she needed after Juno attempted to reduce her to medical tissue on Walton.

Due to Metis’s matriarchal culture, the Bova had a lopsided crew compliment with considerably more females than males. Suicide, a Compact Navy veteran, found it unsettling as she had served on crews no more than a 60/40 split either way.

The Bova faced down the Anna Khirovsky at Thule until Suicide boarded her. Once the Khirovsky was returned to Naval command, the two ships went their way, Captain Chen allowing the Bova to take Jez Salamacis into custody.



Suicide Run