The Bova was a naval vessel built by Metis originally for the Compact Navy. While similar in design to the wedge-shaped Minerva and Anna Khirovsky, the Bova was considerably larger. The ship orbited Farigha at the time the Goldeneye arrived with Jayne Best.

In order to get Jayne Best the care she needed, the Bova would transit the remains of the Yaphit Pass to reach Thule. At Thule, it avoided conflict with the Anna Khirovsky. However, one Jez Salamacis was taken into custody, the captain of the Khirovsky turned her over to the Bova for transport to Metis.

The Bova left Thule via a previously unmapped wormhole connecting it with Hanar. As Hanar was friendly with the Compact and sympathetic to Metis’s secession, they allowed the Bova to return to Amargosa from their space. Salamacis, however, self-disintegrated, once again using death as a means of escape.


Appearances: Suicide Run