Star System: Perrin 3

Astronomical Designation: Perrin 3b

Astronomical Name:  Perrin 3b

Class:  Class-E

Radius:  6847 km

Mass: 6.2081×1024 kg

Satellites: 1

Atmosphere: Oxygen-nitrogen

Population: 400 million


Political Information:

Polity:  Compact of Humanity in Assembly (until 430), Republic of Thule

Status:  Core World (until 430), non-aligned world

Government:  Council-based democracy


Thule was a human world situated above the galactic plane. Until 430 IE, it was a core world of the Compact. For most of its history as a human world, it was accessible only by a naturally occurring wormhole known as the Yaphit Pass. The Thulians collapsed it in 430, effectively cutting itself off and seceding from the Compact. However, other wormholes existing into the galaxy, one leading to Hanar‘s star system.

Thulians tended to be reclusive. They also focused heavily on amortality research. By 429, the average age of a Thulian was over one hundred years with the highest concentration of sapiens over three centuries old.

Founders included Suri Mongano, born 2019 AD. Mongano helped get Gene Klament banned from the planet after his activities with Juno. Mongano would go on to represent Thule in the Compact Assembly and the Compact Security Council over the years. She was considered an elder stateswoman on Thule and in the Compact as a whole.

Thule had purple oceans due to the light from its orange sun. At certain times of year, the sky was sparsely populated with distant galaxies and stray extra-galactic stars. Other times, the disc of the Milky Way dominates the sky and casts a light brighter than some large moons on the surface.




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