Suri Mongano

Suri Mongano was an American programmer who had been romantically involved with Steven Turing. It is believed she convinced Turing to abandon his plan to kill off the bulk of humanity and restart with a remnant in Antarctica. Along with Gene Klament, Mongano was an early adopter of rejuvenation technology and the first successful recipient of amortality treatment. Klament nearly died and had to be taken to Gohem. As of 429 IE, Mongano was the oldest Sapiens woman and third oldest Sapiens overall.

Shortly after his permanent rejuvenation, Suri met with Douglas Best at her cliffside home. She revealed the part of the bargain for becoming amortal. Best would have to conceive a child, and Mongano made it clear she preferred he conceive with Jayne Chedowski. She also revealed that Steven Turing still lived, and that his life since his attempt to purge humanity at the end of the World Wars had been a penance. His goal had become the evolution and improvement of humanity. She also revealed that Best had already met Gene Klament, but she did not dare reveal the identities of either man as humanity had reached a precarious state. It was Mongano who nudged Best and Jayne into diplomatic service.

Mongano served Thule in several capacities, including delegate to the Compact Security Council. Away from Thule, she used the legal alias “Minerva Tiwaz” in her official duties. As Tiwaz, she traveled to Armaneya City to explain to Nolan Rosc the secrecy around Gene Klament and warn him that someone would try to remove him from his position recruiting settlers for Hanar.

Suri returned to Thule before the collapse of the Yaphit Pass. There, she retired from public service, at least until access to the main part of the galaxy could be restored. She lived in a cottage on a cliff overlooking the planet’s Easter Ocean. In 432, the Bova arrived with an ailing Jayne Best aboard. Once Madam Best was secured in Thule’s main medical facility, Suri summoned Suicide. She first invited Suicide to become Thulian upon her return to Sapiens space. While Suicide balked, Suri then asked her to encourage the so-called Children of Amargosa to undergo treatment. Davra Andraste and Eric Yuwono had already received the treatment due to radiation poisoning and other conditions from the Laral Occupation. However, the others had not done so for various reasons. Suri especially noted the mother-son relationship between Suicide and JT Austin. However, the planetary defenses began firing into orbit during their meeting.

Not mentioned in any of the books, but Suri Mongano was born in 2019. In the current version of The Exile, she gives her age as 519, but in a later book, set ten years later she is not quite five hundred, while Gene Klament was born in 2001 and Tol Germanicus, under another name, was born in 1987.


Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised LandThe AmortalsThe Exile