Jez Salamacis

Jez Salamacis was an assistant to Marcus Leitman and part of Juno‘s inner circle. She did not approve of Leitman’s liason with a reporter named Brianna. She murdered Brianna and dumped the body out an airlock, where the wake of the ship’s EM drive pulverized the body.

Salamacis accompanied Leitman as he traveled to Amargosa to confront Lucius Kray on his lack of progress and delivered a fusion weapon. She also went to the surface of Melekan to retrieve the heart of Devold, the last Sovereign of the Realm to retain his name and rule from the former homeworld. She confirmed it contained the suicide toxin. She then volunteered for a suicide mission to hand the contaminated heart to the next Sovereign. Leitman personally injected her with a series of indendiary nanites that would incinerate her to prevent capture. Later, she went to Leitman and offered herself to him sexually, telling him she saw him as a god and she was his to do with as he pleased. Leitman accepted the offer and took her.


Appearances: Storming Amargosa