Jez Salamacis

Jezebel Sue “Jez” Salamacis was an assistant to Marcus Leitman and part of Juno‘s inner circle. Some time around 398 IE, she traveled to Gohem to receive the Orag treatment for permanent rejuvenation.

She did not approve of Leitman’s liason with a reporter named Brianna. She murdered Brianna and dumped the body out an airlock, where the wake of the ship’s EM drive pulverized the body.

Salamacis accompanied Leitman as he traveled to Amargosa to confront Lucius Kray on his lack of progress and delivered a fusion weapon. She also went to the surface of Melekan to retrieve the heart of Devold, the last Sovereign of the Realm to retain his name and rule from the former homeworld. She confirmed it contained the suicide toxin. She then volunteered for a suicide mission to hand the contaminated heart to the next Sovereign. Leitman personally injected her with a series of indendiary nanites that would incinerate her to prevent capture. Later, she went to Leitman and offered herself to him sexually, telling him she saw him as a god and she was his to do with as he pleased. Leitman accepted the offer and took her.

On the Throneworld, Salamacis witnessed the ascension of diplomat Sansar Aryanna to Sovereign of the Realm. She presented the new Sovereign with the heart of Devold, the last Sovereign to keep his name. The Sovereign voiced hope that the Realm would be at peace with the Compact. Salamacis then disappeared into a restroom, swallowed a pill that put her into intense ecstasy, and triggered the incendiary nanites to dissolve her into ash. A second run of nanites then reduced her remains and clothes to invisible residue, eliminating almost any evidence of her existence.

Leitman held back a medical sample of her tissue. He had, unbeknownst to her, implanted her with an experimental resurrection chip and taken a sample of her tissue. From these, he would bring her back to life.

When Leitman rose to acting president of the Compact, Salamacis became his chief of staff. He granted her considerable leeway to achieve his goals, including virtual command of any military vessel she needed. She used the Anna Khirovsky to travel to Amargosa and Marilyn to search for Jayne Best in the wake of her husband‘s near miss from an assassin’s bullet. On Marilyn, she confronted Governor McLaren and demanded an explanation of what happened to Madam Best.

Learning she had gone to Walton, where she was intercepted by the local Juno presence, Salamacis traveled to District 19 and the Koch Medical Center. There, she captured a rescue team led by Suicide. She questioned Suicide one-on-one with no success. She even threatened to cut off JT’s head and send it back to Tessa Dasarius. Suicide continually pointed out that, if Marcus Leitman were her master, then Salamacis was a slave.

Suicide escaped the guards escorting her to a lab for vivisection. As they rescued Jayne Best, they discovered the first concrete evidence that Salamacis used clones in tandem with resurrection technology. The pair destroyed the backup clone she had on site and removed Madam Best from the vivisection lab. As Suicide and her team awaited extraction, Salamacis called a cease-fire. She sent a holographic message to Suicide offering her and her people escape if they turned over Jayne Best. Suicide responded by firing the last of her ammunition into the holo-projector. Salamacis ordered the Khrirovsky to intercept the Goldeneye, but the ship jumped away via projection drive.

On Farigha, an Admiral Shorees presented evidence that Salamacis assassinated the previous Sovereign of the Realm to officials of MetisAmargosa, and Farigha. She further asserted that peace between the Realm and the Compact would not be possible as long as Salamacis lived and Leitman served as president.

Salamacis had the crew of the Khirosvky determine how to navigate the remains of the Yaphit Pass to pursue the Bova to Thule. There, she demanded the surrender of Suicide and Jayne Best. Thule responded by fiiring on the Khirovsky.

When Suicide had boarded the Khirovsky, Salamacis used armed drones to apprehend her and Davra Andraste, who posed as a hostage. Andraste disarmed Suicide to maintain the ruse. When Salamacis killed Captain Hiller, however, Andraste used Suicide’s KR-7 pistol to shoot her in the arm, disabling her. Commander Chen had her arrested on charges of murder and treason with the option to extradite her to either Thule or Metis on additional charges. Chen chose the latter as it would not be politically expedient to shove the president’s chief of staff out of an airlock in a Section 11 Execution. Salamacis would go to Amargosa in Suicide’s custody to face kidnapping charges.

While in the brig aboard the Bova, Salamacis faced questioning by Suicide. During the interview, she triggered her suicide protocol, which flooded her body with drugs and hormones to induce a state of ecstasy before she incinerated. She demonstrated sexual arousal at the process and, before the destruction of this latest clone, voiced a desire for Marcus Leitman to disintegrate her while making love.

In 434, she turned up on Aphrodite to give Gerard Kurz marching orders. Mitsuko Yamato overheard her talking with Kurz and took this as evidence the radical Cubist movement was little more than a front for Juno. She also bribed Household Guard Sakimoto to abduct Mitsuko and turn her over if he got a chance. The plot failed when the Rajanis, Patchi and Keernith turned Mitsuko over to Border Guard troops and explained Sakimoto’s bribe to Cybercommand.


Appearances: Storming Amargosa, Suicide RunRoyal Orders