Marilynism was a religion begun on Jefivah shortly after the planet’s settlement. The faith worships World War Era actress Marilyn Monroe, known to the faithful as “the Blessed Mother.” Icons of their goddess were often painted ceramic statues of the actress with her skirt blowing up around her hips from the movie The Seven Year Itch.

Male priests derived their title dimaj from Monroe’s best known husband, baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Female priests took their title normaj from her birth name, Norma Jean Baker. The senior-most cleric in the Temple was known as either the Grand Normaj or the Grand Dimaj.

John Farno notes in his logs that the religion had begun as a prank that stuck, but by 429 IE, it had become a mainstream religion. Kremlin had a Marilynist temple before its destruction in the attack on Farigha.

Marilynists had a reputation for protesting anything modern, especially on a world as slowly developed as Jefivah. However, the faith also had a strong sexual component to it. Dimajs and normajs were known to have ritual sex as a form of greeting, and sex between clerics and the faithful was referred to as “communion.”

Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised Land