Hanar was the successor world to Gilead after the Gelt Incursion of 429 IE. Convinced by General Laral Jorl and a human named Marq that Gilead was an illegal colony, he participated in the invasion. When it became obvious that Hanar, the name for Gilead in the Mother Tongue, was an organized, settled colony, he sent his concubine Tishla into Compact space, voiding her indenture and making her his wife by default as she was pregnant. He then challenged Laral over the legality of the invasion, which resulted in a fusion blast. Kai was killed in a duel before the Sovereign, which setup a conflict between the Laral family and Tishla (now Lattus Tishla) as his heir.

Hanar had a diameter of eleven thousand kilometers and pull .9 g at its surface, with an air pressure of 1.2 atmospheres (1200 millibars.)

When Tishla won back her claim to Gilead, she offered the human settlers a choice: Allow her to use her late husband’s resources to rebuild for both Gelt and human or kill her to atone for the invasion. The humans chose the former. Tishla worked with a growing inner circle to create the Foundation, a new, independent multispecies polity. Shortly after declaring her title to be “First Citizen,” someone shot her. She survived. However, the bullet contained biogel laced with mersa, poisoning her unborn twins. Riots broke out with the Gelt believing they were being framed and the humans outraged the woman who saved them had been targeted. Tishla called for calm and reminded the population that Hanar was on its own. They could not afford division and to save their wrath for the actual killer.

Appearances: The Roots of WarThe Exile