Astronomical Name: Gilead

Class: Class-E

Radius: 5033 km

Mass: 4.718 x 1024

Satellites: 2

Atmosphere: Oxygen-nitrogen

Population: 7 million


Political Information:

Polity: Independent world

Status:  Independent world

Government: Various forms of democracy culminating in parliamentary republic

Capital: Gilead City


Hanar, originally Gilead, was an Earthlike planet eventually run by multiple species. Originally a colony of the Compact core world Metis, it was invaded by the Gelt in 429 IE. When the planet’s Realm claimant, Lattus Kai, discovered the fraud that led to usurping the planet, he attempted to stop it and was killed in an illegal duel with Laral Jorl. However, Lattus’s widow, Tishla, now held the claim by virtue of carry Kai’s unborn twins. She took back the planet and offered the surviving humans a choice: Rebuild with her help or execute her. They chose the former.

Once Metis made contact with the new colony, they demanded the Compact recognize the world now called Hanar as an independent entity. Mars, who lost two colonies to Realm aggression, stymied efforts at recognition and ended up losing both colonies to Metis anyway.

Tishla’s regime assisted in the liberation of Amargosa while rapidly recruiting new settlers and building a new Gilead City as a capital.

The Metisians chose Gilead because of its rich soil. The blue vegetation proved more edible to most primate species and compatible with crops from other worlds. However, from orbit, it appeared almost solid blue due to the skies reflecting on the oceans and the blue vegetation with nearly no deserts.

Among the native life forms were foraxes, voracious predators that normally did not attack primates. Some humans compared them to “really mean foxes.” Trees tended to have rubbery bark and could rise as high as two hundred fifty meters.



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